SureFire Defender Flashlight Review

SureFire Defender is another high-quality flashlight under the frontrunner in developing illuminating technologies. The product is available with two output levels, which are five lumens for low output at extended runtime and 500 lumens for maximum beam generation. Moreover, the flashlight is equipped with Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens, which could produce tight ray without sufficient surrounding light for external vision. Besides, the SureFire flashlight is designed with dual-output tail cap for quick setting adjustments and high-strength aluminum frame.

Similar to its relatives, the capability of the product is ideal for self-defense and tactical applications. Alternatively, you may also use it as an everyday-carry light.wide orange


Total Internal Reflection (TIR) Lens

The TIR lens is among the most prominent features of the flashlight model. These lenses are often called TIR for they are part of a bigger portion of a design of the same name. In terms of structure, the lenses have symmetrical and rotational arrangement, which provide a perfect round distribution of light. These lenses could be designed in rows for various numbers of LEDs.

According to studies, TIR lens has the similar working principle of reflector. However, the difference is, TIR lenses have increased control over right. In reflectors, you would commonly encounter a bigger fraction of light not touching the reflector, which makes it also less manageable.

There are certain conditions needed to be met for TIR to work. Primarily, there must be a denser light medium. The light must also be approaching a less dense medium. Furthermore, there must be higher incidence angle than critical angle.

Strike Bezel

This is a part that you would only find on the rim of a flashlight’s head. Nonetheless, it has a highly sensitive work, which is to protect the lens from damage. You would notice that whenever you get hit by a flashlight, it is totally painful similar to being hurt with a baton made of aluminum. Basically, this design has a hidden agenda of giving its users another option to defend themselves.

The strike bezel is known for having different configurations, which could be intimidating or not. There are times that you would find sharper and larger designs, resulting to more damage when used. The material may be totally robust but it is easy to install.

The bezel material increases your striking power while safeguarding the fragile lens from breakage. The blunt yet sharp points of the rim could be very disrupting when used correctly. Striking an offender to the face and neck could result to damage in tissues.

SureFire Defender Features and Specifications

The product has two output and runtime settings. Its high light generation uses 500 lumens working up to 2.25 hours. On the other hand, its low output merely utilizes five lumens in 67.76 hours. The tactical life of the flashlight could extend up to 2.25 hours. The bezel diameter is 1.125 inches, whereas its batteries are a couple of 123A batteries.

The flashlight has dimensions of two inches by four inches by eight inches. The total weight of the item is 4.2 ounces.

To learn more about it, here are its other amazing features:

  • Coated Tempered Window – The lens is not only protected by the bezel rim, but by the glass made to maximize light and resist impact even when dropping the flashlight.
  • Dual-Output Tailcap Click Switch – It is very easy to change the mode of the flashlight. You simply have to click for constant-on high output or press for temporary-on high light. To select low, just return to off mode, then press or click again.
  • Aluminum Body – The material used to create the framework of the flashlight has been used in space shuttles and advanced aircraft technologies.
  • Weatherproof – You may utilize the flashlight no matter how harsh the environment’s condition is since it has gasket seals and O-rings.
  • Longer Life – The 123A batteries for the flashlight could last as long as a decade.
  • Firm Grip – The exterior design of the flashlight is ideal for tight grip in spite of cold weather. Even if your hand is wet, the flashlight would not slip.
  • Every Day Carry – The tool is very light, making you carry it anywhere without the strain. Since it is also small, you may put in your pocket or bag.

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SureFire Defender Reviews

The editor’s rating for the product is 9.2 out of 10.

The product received mostly positive reviews from its existing users. According to the feedbacks, SureFire Defender provides what it claims. It has a very bright and evenly distributed light. Moreover, its exterior design is optimum for any use, either personal or tactical. Its lightweight build was greatly commended by users.

Things to Improve

Many people have found that this product could be very expensive for a small tool. Nonetheless, the supporters of the flashlight stated that it is worth the price due to its high performance.


If you are a junkie of flashlights, SureFire Defender is a great choice for it has more than evenly dispersed beam to generate – great exterior, longer shelf life, and easy-to-use settings.

However, you may still check out the best SureFire flashlight reviews if you prefer other options.

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