SureFire G2XC-FYL-P Flashlight Review

SureFire G2X Series is a virtually indestructible LED flashlight, which is designed to have a longer runtime and maximized light output. It is available with a couple of output levels – 15 lumens for lengthened runtime and 320 lumens for the maximum beam. The flashlight is also structured with dual output tail cap, giving you the option to click for constant low switch-on and press for low temporary on. This feature is also usable for clicking again to gain a high on.

The flashlight is also designed with accurate micro-textured reflector, which generates an optimized and smooth beam. The material making up the product is anodized aluminum bezel and Nitrolon body.

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Nitrolon Structure

The high-performance flashlight is made of Nitrolon, which is a compact polymer that is perfect for a personal flashlight. This structure is almost similar to 6P Originals. Nitrolon is chosen for the product’s frame for further protection from corrosion. Besides, it is totally lightweight, making it ideal for portability. According to experts, the material would not stick to your bare skin regardless of how harsh the weather is.

Moreover, it would never make you cringe by dropping the flashlight accidentally for it is highly durable, ensuring that it would not easily break. In spite of long hours of operation, it would never be damaged by constant heat. Compared to other materials, it is higher in quality despite the increased cost.

Dual-Output Power

The dual-output feature of SureFire G2X makes it highly reliable for law enforcement professionals. In simply a press or click, it would generate a high output. The high output provided by the flashlight could serve as a significant reach and sufficient surrounding light. As a result, you would be able to sustain ideal environmental awareness. The versatile attribute is supported by a parabolic reflector.

On the other hand, the lower output of the product may use a lower amount of lumens at 15 but would still be useful. Since lower light generation is set, the runtime would be extended without necessarily changing the batteries frequently. Regardless of how high or low the output is, the parabolic reflector would still generate a highly-efficient and seamless ray with plenty of surrounding light and reach.

A quick switch of the light output could also be done either by clicking or pressing. This gives law enforcers the tactical advantage, particularly in high-risk operations.

SureFire G2XC-FYL-P Features and Specifications

SureFire G2X Series is specially designed for law enforcement professionals. It provides a higher output compared to its counterparts. It could give out 400 lumens for highest outturn and 15 lumens for the lowest. It sports a durable Nitrolon polymer body, which is designed for a better grasp. Its external design is available with O-rings, Mil-Spec hard-anodized aluminum head, and gasket seals for protection from dust and moisture.

The product is available in dimensions of 1.5 inches by 5.2 inches by 1.5 inches. Its total weight is 4.48 ounces. Moreover, it is powered by a battery.

Other significant features of the product are the following:

  • Precision Reflector – The accurate reflector of the product could ensure a maximized yet suave light with plenty of surrounding rays and longer reach.
  • Tail cap Switch – The switch allows you to switch from high to low output, and vice-versa. This gives you a choice whether to constantly turn on the flashlight or momentarily use it.
  • Ergonomic Shape – The structure of the product is perfect for emergency preparedness, external use, and portability. First responders would surely be convenient in using the flashlight as well.
  • Lightweight but Highly Durable – The product has a security-enforced design with its frame protected from corrosion, scratches, and abrasion.
  • High Efficiency LED Emitters – The emitters are structured to maximize the use of battery life through extending runtime and output.
  • Various Color Options – The flashlight is not only technically structured for high performance, but designed for style as well. It is available in four different colors, which are yellow, green, black, and brown among others.wide orange

SureFire G2XC-FYL-P Reviews

The editor’s rating for SureFire G2X is 9.4 out of 10.

The product received mostly positive reviews from its users. According to most satisfied customers, the high-quality flashlight lives up to its claims. It has a dual-mode light, excellent battery life, and has the right size for any application. Moreover, the users commended the fact how durable and highly secured its polymer body is from possible breakage. The existing users and buyers of the product also regarded the product as reasonably priced.

Things to Improve

One thing that displeased customers requested to improve is the wrong supply of orders. There are a few people who voiced out that they received a defective product, which took them a lot of time to replace.


Overall, SureFire G2X Series is a great product to use for its positives outweigh the cons. It is reasonably priced if its high-performance is to be highlighted.

However, you are still free to check out other options by proceeding to the best SureFire flashlight reviews.wide orange