SureFire P2XC-A Flashlight Review

SureFire P2X Fury is another virtually robust LED emitter, which could work at extended runtime and maximized light generation. It is available in two output levels: 15 lumens for extended operation and 600 lumens for wider distribution of light. There is a dual output tail cap that would enable you to switch from low to high output and vice-versa. The flashlight is designed to generate optimized and seamless beam through its accurate micro-textured reflector.

The product is almost similar to its counterparts since it is also made out of a high-strength aluminum body, which is also utilized in aircraft and space technology. For utmost durability, the build of the flashlight is anodized as well.wide orange


Dual or Single Output

The flashlight is among the top quality Fury Series products under SureFire. It makes use of virtually failure-resistant and highly effective LED to provide ideally concentrated light perfect for tactical performance. Besides the two output levels of the flashlight, you may also select from three different operating modes of the product. The settings of the product are compliant with high standards followed in manufacturing military tools.

The Fury flashlight has output levels, which are represented by P3X for the 1000 lumen lights and P2X for 600 lumens. There are different models under the family of the product. The PRO version offers dual output option. Alternatively, the TACTICAL model is for a single output only.

IntelliBeam Technology

The feature is a highly powerful attribute developed by SureFire. The setting could automatically and effectively adjust the output of light from the lowest to highest regardless of environmental conditions. The innovative solution uses a high-performance LED, which would generate a perfect light that is supported by parabolic reflector into an expanded and smooth beam. The light provided by the tool also has abundant peripheral light and bright focal.

The technology is more improved by the dark-adapted vision feature of the product. This capability actually assesses the setting immediately before turning on the beam. You would notice that it would not switch on the high output in a close environment while in this mode. This feature has the goal of making you focus on your job than on tweaking or adjusting the settings of the flashlight. In the end, you would always end up with the sufficient amount of light.

When SureFire P2X Fury is switched off for over a second, it would automatically be set to IntelliBeam mode. If you want to use it, you may simply click or press the mode.

SureFire P2XC-A Features and Specifications

The high performance LED emitter with tail cap switch and IntelliBeam technology is designed with high-quality parabolic reflector, high-strength aluminum body, and tempered window. Its structure is resistant to damage, corrosion, and cracks among others. The flashlight has dimensions of six inches by three inches by one inch. Also, the total weight of the product is seven ounces.

To know more about the flashlight, here are its other top features:

  • Knurled Design – You could ensure a convenient grip of the flashlight regardless of the weather. It is also designed to be protected from rolling and intense impact. Knurling is easier even while wearing your gloves or during cold weather.
  • Durable and Lightweight – Regardless of the Fury model you choose, you could ensure that you can bring the tool anywhere you go. It could easily fit in your coat pocket, guaranteeing emergency preparedness.
  • Ideal for Law Enforcement – Law enforcement officials would certainly approve the product for it is made out of concerns on quality, performance, and innovation all at the same time.
  • Weatherproof – It has gasket seals and O-rings, which make sure that it would not degrade in quality no matter how quickly the season changes. Even its window is coated with an impact-resistant material. The structure of the product maximizes transmission of light minus thermal shock.
  • Battery-Powered – The package of the flashlight is available with 123A batteries, which could last up to a decade.
  • Manufacturer’s Guarantee – You may purchase the product with the assurance that SureFire will repair or replace it if you found it defective.

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SureFire P2XC-A Reviews

The editor’s rating for the product is 9.4 out of 10.

SureFire P2X Fury received mostly satisfied feedbacks from its existing users or buyers. According to the reviews, it is a very powerful and great illuminating flashlight that you would not expect to work satisfactorily due to its pocket size. It lives up to its promises of providing a super bright beam, rugged construction, and solid functions.

Things to Improve

According to customers who did not provide the product a perfect rate, the flashlight’s battery does not last long as claimed during intermittent use. Nonetheless, its advanced beam features outweigh this factor for improvement.


SureFire P2X Fury is a generally recommendable product due to its advanced technology further improved features compared to its ancestors.

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