SureFire TITAN-B Flashlight Review

SureFire Titan Plus is a small-sized yet high-performing variable-output flashlight, which is built for convenience and functionality. You could obtain as much as two times the maximum output of standard SureFire flashlights. It has a combination of reflector shapes, which introduces the flawless MaxVision Beam of the brand. The feature guarantees that the light would perfectly and evenly be distributed to areas where you would point the tool.

Moreover, the flashlight model is available with a removable pocket clip, which gives you more safeguarded portability options. Its brass body is plated with nickel, adding to the durability of the flashlight. For simply about anything, the ultra-compact product is considerable.

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MaxVision Wide Beam

The MaxVision technology introduced by the brand is developed to deliver evenly dispersed, seamless, and all-encompassing beam. You would see the difference once you have placed the tool alongside regular flashlights. There are also varying outputs and runtimes in using the flashlight.

The high output produces 300 lumens for an hour. Its medium generation is exhibited by 75 lumens in a couple of hours. Lastly, the low emission is 15 lumens that could run up to seven hours. The technology is powered by rechargeable Eneloop AAA NiMH battery or triple A alkaline (which is not included in the package).

It is explained by SureFire that the technology does not pertain to how distant the throw of the beam is. Instead, it describes how it could generate evenly distributed and wide light. This is greatly helpful in lighting up an entire environment even at a considerable distance. In other words, you could illuminate different places at the same time, which is difficult if you are on a dark trail. Most likely, you would light one area to another so you could walk comfortably.

Nickel-Plated Body

SureFire Titan Plus is made with a brass construction coated with nickel material. Nickel plating has long been known for its high quality but considerably low cost. There are various reasons why nickel is used for coating, such as in protecting an object from corrosion. A base metal would last longer without rusting or oxidizing with nickel plating. In addition, nickel is commonly utilized for processing food since it avoids iron contamination.

Moreover, nickel plating is popular for increasing durability of tools and mechanical components alongside adding hardness. Through nickel, you would also be able to solder various metals.

SureFire TITAN-B Features and Specifications

The professional-grade flashlight is known for its proprietary faceted reflector, which would generate the flawless beam from MaxVision technology. The tool is perfect for close-range applications since it generates light that is equally distributed in any spaces. The flashlight has dimensions of four inches by one inch by 7.3 inches. The total weight, on the other hand, is 2.9 ounces.

To learn more about it, here are other top features of the product:

  • Ultra Compact – Compared to its SureFire relatives, the product is extremely small, making it a viable keychain to put in your bag or even carry by hand. Its length is only 3.4 inches and the flashlight has a weight of just 2.0 ounces.
  • Quality-Built – You could be guaranteed that the flashlight is built to last long since it has a brass body, nickel plating, and sleek style. It is sturdy enough to resist harsh environmental conditions.
  • Heavy-Duty Pocket Clip – The feature enables you to keep the flashlight with you and protect it from loss. The clip is very simple to install and remove.
  • Weather Resistant – The product delivers various applications, which include being prepared in times of emergencies.
  • Great Historical Background – The developer of the product has been a pioneer in creating illuminating products for more than 36 years.
  • Easy to Use – It has less complicated controls, giving you ease even in times of urgency without the tendency of dropping the flashlight. You may simply twist the head following a counterclockwise direction for low output. For medium generation, you simply return the setting to off.

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SureFire TITAN-B Reviews

The editor’s rating for SureFire Titan Plus is 8.2 out of 10.

According to mostly positive reviews of the product, it generates an excellent quality of light. It could help you in survival times and even in casual occasions. It could last for years, which made its existing users recommend it to their relatives and friends. Some even described it as the best triple A flashlight you would ever find.

Things to Improve

Displeased customers who gave the product low ratings generally raised their concerns on missing tail cap and difficulty of twisting the flashlight for on and off. In addition, some of the feedbacks highlighted that the flashlight could not be operated by single hand.


In spite of the negative reviews of the product, the positive reviews still outweigh its pitfalls. Due to this, you could take regard of SureFire Titan Plus as a must-try.

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