Surefire Ultra High Output LED Weaponlight Review

The new Surefire Ultra High Output LED Weaponlight is a new and innovative creation replacing the traditional flashlight. This weapon light will surely capture the hearts of men who likes to go on trekking in the mountains and stays there overnight or even longer days.

It can light the whole closed room without the need for you to occasionally move the weapon light. In case you are in an open area like a field, you will surely be thankful for having Surefire Weaponlight.

Since this is also designed for outdoor use, it will be of real advantage to own one. It is important in cases of emergencies such as natural disasters and the like. It may serve as a personal defense tool as well. It can stand alone even without a weapon for personal use.

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Functions and size

It’s easy to keep because of its size. Nobody wants a light that is bigger than the weapon.

The functions are just the same with an ordinary flashlight with just a few differences. Despite its small size, it does produce 500 lumens.

You can even put it in your pocket just in case you feel the need for it sooner during the day. The size contributes to the conservation of space

Installation & Parts

The installation of Surefire Weaponlight and its parts takes less time to install. This quality removes the hassle in situations where you will have the need to use the weapon light.

Its components are fully integrated and simple.  They are easy to be understood even without the use of manual as an instructional procedure.

The quick installation does not only save you time, but it also makes you go along with the pace of what is trending nowadays (which do make you look cooler). Rest assured; parts are available in case they need to be replaced and be repaired.

Longevity of Usage

Surefire Weaponlight guarantees a long time of use. This quality does not just save you money from buying again and again, but also saves you some time to be used for other necessary activities whether at home or outdoor activities. Surefire Weaponlight gives such opportunities to all its patrons.

Surefire Weaponlight Features

  • Convenient size (small pocket-sized)
  • Special off-white high performance
  • 500 lumens enough to make the customer clearly see within a set radius
  • Yellowish-green spectrum
  • Integrated switch (power on and off)
  • The beam distance of the weapon light is 100 meters to 290 meters
  • A friendly off-white color optimized for the human vision
  • Maximum runtime 8 hours but may still be used

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Surefire Weaponlight Reviews

The black color of the item makes it more decent and elegant for every user. Almost everything looks good when it’s black, and this weapon light is no exception.

Knowing its principal use, it can be easily teamed up with your weapon. Its small size makes it more convenient to use. The item accepts pressure-activated toggle switches for controlling the precision without the need to change your grip on the weapon.

Things to Improve

Surefire Weaponlight needs attention for a more user-friendly functionality. Despite the efforts of the manufacturers, they should invest more on the toggle switches.

A switch that can readily adjust the light from dim to brightest in a gradual manner is a plus. This is important for some discreet police operations. It may well affect the battery functions so it must be integrated carefully.


When you get a functional version of the Surefire Weaponlight (like many buyers received), the results will surely amaze you even if it is not frequently used. The lumens may be low, but at least you can grab something when emergency situations arise.

The weapon light can also stand-alone meaning it can be used separately from the weapon in case no other flashlight is available. For weapon owners, whether these are guns, fishing materials or anything else, Surefire Weaponlight is highly recommended. The integration of a pocket-sized light makes it one of the candidates for portable devices. You can bring it anywhere with you.

Safety and precautionary measures are all listed in the manual. Do not let the children play with this product.

Please do some research for additional opinions and recommendations from people who already experienced using the actual product. For other similar items or if you want to buy something for yourself, please check it out here.

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