SyndeRay G01 CREE LED Tactical Gun Flashlight Review

The SyndeRay G01 CREE LED Tactical Gun Flashlight emits a powerful and potentially blinding white light of up to 600 lumens, which is efficiently utilized through the overall build quality of this flashlight. If you need an extremely bright illumination in a dark setting, this ultra-high intensity flashlight will deliver just that.

The efficient functioning of the SyndeRay G01 is attributed to its CREE R5 LED technology, which generates the blinding output of this flashlight. This tactical flashlight is most compatible with a Picatinny rail gun. With the intensity and power of this tool, you can use it for convenience and safety purposes in your daily life.

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41rMWOATYyLSuperb Design Perfect for Everyday Carrying

The SyndeRay G01 has the dimensions of 2.6 x 1.9 x 2.2 inches, which makes it compact. Its small size enables you to bring it with you anywhere you go since it can fit into your bag, purse, and even pocket.

Its trivial weight is only 3.2 ounces, which is almost just as light as your smartphone or even lighter. Because of its travel-friendly size and weight, it will be easier to gear yourself in the case of emergencies.

It is also highly durable. With the SyndeRay G01, you can ensure that it will be tough enough to withstand some use and abuse because it is made of an anodized aviation-grade aluminum alloy that is not only resistant to scratches but also to falls, bumps, and drops. This material of its body is also weatherproof, which means that you can use it even under extreme weather conditions.

Even if you bring this flashlight every day, you can ensure that it will not easily wear out but instead sustain functionality especially in times of emergency.

A Protector Against Assailants

This flashlight is more than just a tool to illuminate your surroundings as you hunt during camping trips. It is a protective tool that allows you to blind a potential attacker with its 600-lumen maximum output.

This tool comes in two modes namely, the high and the strobe mode. The strobe mode can be used to impair an attacker visually as you get away or fight back.

If used in hunting, the white light will not hinder your shooting performance but even help you enhance it. For these reasons, the SyndeRay G01 is a handy tool to have for outdoor trips and general home use.

SyndeRay G01 Features and Specifications

  • Lightweight and Compact Design – for convenient carrying everywhere you go
  • 2 Switch Modes – High and Strobe (unit does not have memory feature)
  • Construction Build – Anodized Aerospace aluminum alloy in a weatherproof design for its body
  • Easy Installation and Disassembly – No tools required
  • Variety of Applications – used as a pistol flashlight, can be utilized in daily life and outdoor activities such as camping
  • Efficient LED Technology – CREE XP-G R5
  • Powerful Output – 600 lumens. Switch Position – at the flashlight tail. Beam Distance – can reach up to 100 meter
  • Power Source – CR2 battery is required but not included in the package

wide orangeSyndeRay G01 Reviews

Currently, the SyndeRay G01 has already been reviewed 290+ times. Many customers have good feedback about this flashlight. Because of its amazing features and good responses from its buyers, we give it a rating of 8.2/10 stars.

One customer has commented on the value of this tool saying that it is a great flashlight considering how much he has paid for it. According to him, one can barely notice it mounted on a gun, but the light it produces delivers a good amount of illumination. He also said that this flashlight works just as well as the other expensive flashlights that he owns.

Other customers have same good things to say about this flashlight, impressing the fact that it is of great value for its price.

Things to Improve

Despite its good feedback, the SyndeRay G01 also has its shortcomings. One of the common complaints was about the design of the switch button. According to these customers, it kept falling off.

This flaw is surely in need of design improvements, but this minor detail does not discount the fact that this light was extremely bright enough to blind an attacker and can be mounted on different guns, as what one customer has said.


The SyndeRay G01 is a small firearm flashlight that delivers big and high-intensity output. For its price, it is sure one to beat in the market for its functionality, durability, reliability, and of course, convenience.

It is an essential addition to your firearm if you want added protection as you use it for a variety of purposes. While it has some minor flaws, its features and build-quality make every penny that you pay for it extremely worth the purchase. Check out other best pistol handgun light reviews.

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