Into Ted’s Woodworking Projects Reviews – A Comprehensive Look

Are you the type of person who is in tuned with the element of wood, that you would not resist the smell of a wood shop and the knack for crafting impressive stuff from woods? Or maybe you are a woodcraft enthusiast who wishes to start his or her wood shop in your house so you may satisfy your woodcraft cravings?

And better yet, you plan to make a fortune out of your skills in wood crafting while sharing your love for the beautiful art of working with wood. Well, we all have our passions in life, and if wood crafting is what you want; then we have the thing that should help you get started with your wood shop today – Teds Woodworking Projects.

What Are Included In The Teds Woodworking Package?

Teds Woodworking Project is a highly instructive package containing everything that you need to know about woodworking. It is filled with 16000 woodworking plans that you can choose from as well as a wood crafting book and tools that a starting woodworker may use, and some tips about woodworking from Ted McGrath Woodworking 101.

Sixteen Thousand Woodworking Plans

As was mentioned above the wood crafting guide is filled with helpful tools and guide for you. They are well thought of and carefully placed to provide as much as possible an informative and holistic learning on how you will manage your wood shop.

Ted McGrath, the man who is behind the wood crafting guide, aims to help you in putting everything that you need to know about wood and wood crafting in one place. From the different durability and perfect usage of a certain kind of wood, when and where is the best time for working with a certain element of a wood crafting project, different wood working tools and equipment that can help starting wood crafter like yourself, and most importantly a compilation wood crafting plans with their respective instructions that you may follow. And this varied compilation is probably the best feature that this product has.

The Woodworking of the Future

Another feature that we have come to love is that this product comes with a three-dimensional wood craft modeling software. In this way, you will be able to see in advance what your plan will look alike even before you start crafting it.

Aside from that, you will also be able to determine the plan that you want to do more properly avoiding key errors even before you start.

The Complete Package

What we love about the wood crafting package is that it contains not only the basics things that you need in working with wood but also some useful interactive tools that you can employ to produce the best quality of wood products. Here are some points that are inside the package:

  • For starters, the package has an informative introduction on wood working as well as what the product is all about.
  • The package has a dedicated membership area where people can subscribe to Ted McGrath’s products and other instructional guides on wood crafting.
  • Teds Wood Working is considered to be one of the biggest woodworking guides in the market due to its over fifteen thousand woodcraft plans. With its large variety of woodworking plan, you can make sure that even if you are just starting with your wood shop that you will be supplied with information on how you can build different kinds of wood product.
  • It includes DWG CAD file viewer that can help you dig better upon the electrical instructions incorporated inside the package.
  • The package also has a three-dimensional woodcraft modeling software so you may have a better perspective on how a specific project or work plans will appear. An electronic projection would not hurt you; it would even give you a visual on how it should be put together.
  • They have included in their instructions about the woodworking veterans their tricks of the trade.
  • Ted McGrath also integrated woodworking business 101 to those customers who have decided to start making a profit out of their developed wood working craft.
  • Wood crafting videos and more woodworking plans.
  • If you have ordered a Deluxe woodworking package, it has an additional parts included such as shed plans, home three-dimensional software, designer shed plans, as well as the resources and references that they need in creating the woodworking package.
  • And lastly, the package included some precise information on how can customers get in touch with them if ever they have a concern about the package they received.


Teds Woodworking Complaints And Product Reviews: What You Need To Look Out For When Your Package Arrives

Ted McGrath deserves two thumbs up with his excellent concept of helping wood crafting enthusiast like us need to know. I for one have tried the product myself, and I am so far pleased in working with the package that I received, and I believe that it can help lots of first-time wood crafter like me. However, it is not always the case in every customer that purchased the woodworking package.

And for us to confidently share with you how awesome this instructive woodworking package is we should let you know all the sides that you need to see the product. By doing so, we hope to impart to you, our reader, what you should look out for as well as an accurate account of what you can expect from it.

Before I discuss what other people can say about the product, let me go ahead and share you some hiccups that I encountered when I received mine. To start with, when I first received my package it seems that not all packages are the same; it lacks consistency in the basic contents of their package.

My friend from work also had his woodworking package and when we compared our packages my friend lack at least two woodworking plans. It is a good thing that their customer care hotline is pretty easy to reach and is courteous enough to ship us the two working plans that my friend did not receive in his package for free.

Another observation that I and my friend noticed is the fact that Ted McGrath should consider creating different packages for different levels of woodworkers. They should have categorized their wood working plans according to their respective difficulties, although wood crafting is quite an interesting hobby or profession for some, for beginners, there is certain woodworking projects or plans that are a bit complex.

Another thing that we noticed is that the video presentation included in the package is needed to be sorted out. It needs more additional content so that beginners like me can have a better grasp on what woodworking should be about.

They also need to add some more variety on it video content. As much as possible if they are making a video presentation about their product, they should focus more on how Ted McGrath can help you develop your style in working with wood.

After all, the entire package only serves as a guide in making wood products, and woodworkers are should not forever rely on the instructions that their master-craftsman is teaching them, but students must also come to a point where they need to find their comfort zone with working with wood as well as their unique style in making wood products.

Moving on, as promised I will also include in this portion of product review article, some useful opinions and personal review that other customers have with the product. And what would be the best way of doing so than presenting you some of the woodworking veterans and wood crafting hobbyist that have a substantial amount of experience in working with wood, who have the privilege of working with Teds Woodworking?

Other Teds Woodworking Reviews

One customer that gave a review about the product is a woodworker who has relatively experienced working with wood; He has made a lot of wood products before and at the present. He is, by all means, an expert in working with wood. According to him, having used the woodworking package for over three months have made him realize how good an investment Ted’s Woodworking project is especially if you are planning to start your wood product business.

He loved how the package caters a large array of wood workers today. He loves how plenty of benefits that the woodworkers of all level experience can benefit from the package. For him, it is an untapped gold mine for beginning and seasoned wood worker. The wood working project, according to him does not have any discrimination to their customers, and no matter how experienced you are with woodworking the project still found a way for you to get some useful pointers about woodworking.

He also applauded Ted McGrath for managing to incorporate useful facts and information on each and every subject about wood working, from the sort and condition of wood to use in certain plan, on how to join the wood product’s parts together, and most of all on how to put the finishing touches on every wood project that you are engaged currently.

He also mentioned that the woodworking package includes many woodworking plans for every type of wood working project, from wooden toys, to a tasteful wine rack, spice rack, wooden furniture, and outdoor wood projects such as a gazebo and the likes, the package covers it. He is so pleased with the product that he recommends it to all prospective woodworkers out there.

Another person who has an extensive experience of working with wood has made some interesting reviews about the product. According to him, he is an avid fan of working with different kinds hardware products and he even has a knack for making his version of several wood products. He mentioned that while he is in search of an excellent reference for making a new woodworking project, he happened to stumble upon Teds Woodworking.

And from what he experienced about the product, he mentioned how he had been motivated by it in trying to work with larger woodwork project in the future and on how he gained more confidence with the things that he can do with his hand’s thanks to it. Moreover, in his review, he expressed how wood working has officially become a hobby that he can be passionate about.

He also mentioned how pleased he is with the stuff that Teds Woodworking teaches its customers about the wood craft. Because of his experience with the woodworking project guide, he strongly recommends it especially if you are in search of getting a new hobby, and also if you wish to learn some different neat woodworking designs that you haven’t dreamed of before. According to him, beginners will find a home with the product. Through the woodworking projects’ instructional step by step video, tutorials, and even woodworking plan software, customers are being equipped with the wonders that wood working provides.

Another veteran wood worker’s review also mentioned how helpful did the woodworking guide did to him. As he went browsing the World Wide Web for ideas to give his brother for his birthday, he happened to have stumbled upon the website that Teds Woodworking made as an alternative in spreading Ted McGrath’s experience in woodworking.

As a seasoned woodworker like himself, the website serves as a relief for his creative mind considering the difficulties that he encountered in finding ideas for his gift. He was surprised as to the numbers of products available in the website of Teds Woodworking.

According to him, the website has over fifteen to sixteen thousand woodworking projects and plans. From that point on he signed in officially on the site and managed to save a lot of money due to the convenience and alternative approach that the website provides. Before discovering the product, he has always wanted to build himself an outdoor set. However, he never really knew how to do it, or even have the confidence to construct a plan for it.

With Teds Woodworking, he was able to found an easy to follow and economically practical woodworking plan for his outdoor set, and after sessions in his wood shop, he was able to completely build it thanks to Teds Woodworking.

From the Teds Woodworking website, he was able to acquire the all the blue prints that he needed in his project, the plans for constructing the elements of his pieces, the list of materials that are needed and where he can find a good material, and full-colored illustrations.

According to him the information that he got from the website was so detailed and easy to understand, especially that he is a type of learner who is very visual. Later on, because he loved working with Teds Woodworking, he managed to sign up for the free bonuses from Teds, which includes a CAD plan software.

With the help of the software, he can now conceive his wood working and furniture designs within the comforts of his computer. According to him by subscribing to Ted’s online offerings and woodworking ideas he can save a lot of money, effort, and time in planning as well as in producing his woodworking products.

He also mentioned that in his subscription Teds Woodworking included over a hundred and fifty woodworking videos, which provided him with one hundred fifty guided instructions in building the same number of woodworking pieces from furniture, outdoor sets, and even wooden toys for children. He is so happy about the convenience that Teds Woodworking brought to his craft through their very informative website.

According to him once you have tried Teds Woodworking online offering, it will be easy for you to purchase your woodworking guide, or even order one as a gift, and better yet build your wood craft as your gift to your loved ones as he did with his brother.

Getting your package of Ted McGrath’s collection of experience and guide to woodworking presents a lot of perks. Regardless of some difficulties of some customers encountered with Ted’s woodworking project guide, they have a convenient system of customer service that with any unpleasantness that you might experience as soon as they can. They are courteous and will do everything in their powers to help you.

Also with Teds Working Project, you are assured that you will not run out of woodworking projects to try on together with their respective detailed instruction on how to conceive your version at home.

Teds Woodworking Plans Review: Our Two Cents About The Woodworking Package

As a whole, I would say as I mentioned above that woodworking with Ted McGrath comprehensive woodworking project guide you will find a new hobby or craft that is potentially profitable. Profitable in a sense that you will gain a new practical life skill as well as a promise of turning your new found interest as a source of passive income that you will happily enjoy.

Teds Woodworking Projects is a product that is worth purchasing. It is worth every cent; it is as we have earlier mentioned being a wise investment for your future woodworking plans. It is ingeniously crafted so that they can compile all the stuff that every individual should know about wood, finding the right materials for specific projects, find the right tools that you can use to intelligently utilize in order to build a wood product, efficient way of planning a project, and many other things to remember if you are dealing with woodworking or anything that have to do with wood in one convenient location. They also provided cheaper options of getting comparatively similar benefits online.

As a wood crafting newcomer, I believe that the information that Ted McGrath managed to achieve with his informative product a way to introduce woodworking to public in the most useful and interactive manner possible. Every component of the package are cleverly incorporated so they can simulate a real live woodworking class for beginners, intermediate, and expert wood crafters alike.

With their over fifteen to sixteen thousand woodworking plans and projects, you will encounter every form of wood products that you will ever imagine. From the simplest wood craft projects like wooden toys, figurines, miniature wooden models, to making large wooden furniture, outdoor sets, gazebo, and other outdoor wooden structures they have it covered. The thousands of wooden products included in their package that is handsomely illustrated provides woodworkers with how they are put together to form a sturdy and beautiful wooden piece.

And what is more impressive about the product is that even seasoned woodworkers still find Teds Woodworking Project as an excellent source of woodworking project idea. They even have their first-hand experience with the guide and are still surprised as to the other undiscovered potential that you can do with wood, as well as their capacity to make other complex wooden structures at home. For them, having such an informative tool in woodworking helps them in discovering other wood product expertise, develop a newly acquired skill in carpentry, find a cost effective way of utilizing wood, and most importantly buy new tools in bringing their wood crafting skills a new competitive edge.

Based on the experience that I have and the feedbacks that I encountered with several woodworking experts online, I can confidently say that purchasing my set of the wood working package from Teds Woodworking is one of the best decisions that I have made as a budding woodworker. I am lucky to have managed to stumble upon this wood crafting guide as my first teacher. Teds Woodworking managed to kindle my inner spark in creating wood products.