Tekton 24335 Torque Wrench Review

The Tekton 24335 is a ½ inch drive click torque wrench. It emits a clicking sound when the present torque level has been reached. Unlike other torque wrenches, the sound that this wrench makes can both be heard and felt so there is no way that you will be able to miss it.

The dual range scale is done in high contrast, which makes it easy to read even without a lot of light. It has a reversible hatchet that can measure torque in counter and clockwise direction. It is done in all steel without any plastic parts, which makes this a long lasting product.

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Drive Click Torque Wrench

This torque wrench has already been pre-calibrated to +/-4% accuracy. It will come to you ready to use. With the calibration, you will be confident in tightening fasteners to vehicles or any equipment to the manufacturer’s torque requirements. The accuracy and precision of this tool will allow you to reach exact torque levels without any damage to materials.

The clicking sound the wrench makes when you have reached desired torque levels is more distinct and clearly heard. The easy to read scale is high contrast and is available in ft.-lb. and Nm. In situations with low light, the scale is still easy to read.

Simple, Reliable and Strong Construction

The Tekton 24335 is built in all vanadium steel, which makes it a candidate for steady performance and many years of reliable service. The chrome finish makes it look simple and shiny.

It is very simple to use. The clicking sound can be felt through the grips of the torque wrench, so you know when to stop twisting. This wrench’s mechanism does not require batteries so you can use it on the go. The Tekton Company is reliable when it comes to torque wrenches so you know you are in good hands.

It comes with a storage case so you can keep it in that after using. This will ensure a longer lifespan for your torque wrench.

Tekton 24335 Features and Specifications

  • A clicking sound will be heard when pre-set torque values have been reached. The sound can also be felt through the handles of the wrench.
  • The scale is easy to read with its high-contrast. The measurement can both be done in ft.-lbs. and Nm.
  • There is a reversible hatchet head which can twist in both directions. Torque can be measured either with clockwise or counterclockwise motion.
  • It is made of all steel without any plastic parts. This is to ensure that no part of the wrench will wear out or break in the long run.
  • It is pre-calibrated to +/-4% accuracy and is ready to use once received.
  • The package includes 1 ½ inch torque wrench, a storage case and an operating manual. A torque conversion chart is also supplemented.

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Tekton 24335 Reviews

The Tekton 24335 received an editor rating of 9/10. It received a high rating from its users because it gets the job done perfectly. It can tighten bolts to perfect precision. Customers have no complaints about damages done to their materials because of inaccuracy. The Tekton 24335 works accurately every time.

Another thing that customers liked about Tekton is their outstanding customer service. They are always available through emails and phone lines, so customers who had problems were immediately helped. Replacement of damaged parts came with no added cost, provided the damage was the company’s fault.

The wrench case included in the package is simple and effective. It keeps the wrench safe while not in use and makes the wrench’s life span longer. The instruction manual is also comprehensive and was easily understood even by newbies.

Things to Improve

There is not much to improve on the Tekton 24335; a lot of customers liked it highly. There is probably one or two who would claim that the wrench broke when they first used it. But a call to the customer hotline will easily solve this. They are very eager to help and will replace the wrench if deemed that it was faulty when it was sent to the customer.

One customer claimed that the wrench was not calibrated right and was inaccurate. But this is just one time and the customer service representative helped the customer immediately and replaced the wrench he was given. He didn’t even have to return the old wrench back to the company.


 The Tekton 24335 has one of the highest editors rating given to torque wrenches. It comes with a dual range in ft.-lb. and Nm and creates a clicking sound when set torque levels have been achieved. It is known for its accuracy and precision. It is simple to look at and is made of pure vanadium steel, which makes it strong and durable. If you want to hear about other wrenches, you can check out torque wrench reviews here.wide orange