TEKTON 54004 4-Inch Swivel Bench Vise Review

The TEKTON 54004 4-Inch Swivel Bench Vise is the equipment you should use if you want a reliable bench vise. It can accommodate medium duty tasks. What is mainly provides is superior holding power and durability. It allows you to build, fasten, shape, form, bend, and thread work pieces while ensuring that the material is securely held in place.

The unit provides good grip and easy adjustments with its 120-degree swivel case, allowing you to create a more precise job on your work materials.  Your home and shop medium duty projects will come together flawlessly thanks to this Tekton unit.


All-Purpose Bench Vise for Homes and Shops

The TEKTON 54004 can be used for accomplishing many tasks such as repairing vehicles, metalworking, assembling parts, and many other similar activities. With the performance and function of the unit, the user can secure the material that needs to be formed or shaped, which leads to a quicker, safer, and more efficient work.

The material needs to locked securely on the bench vise so that fastening, shaping, threading, bending, sharpening, and building will flow smoothly. With replaceable ridged jaws of the bench vise made from steel, the grip is very effective so that the material would not move while being worked on. The anvil surface of the bench vise provides an extended work surface for the user when shaping and bending the pieces of the project.

Medium Duty and Durable Bench Vise Made from 30 000 PSI Cast Iron

The TEKTON 54004 is constructed from a sturdy 30000 PSI cast iron, which gives it a durable structure and finish. The unit can handle medium-duty tasks whether you will be using this at home or at your shop. Its corrugated steel jaw pads and 120-degree swivel base allows effective gripping and secure locking that provides superior holding power for your medium-duty projects.

This bench vise allows for hassle-free adjustments with its 120-degree swivel base. The base can be rotated in order to adjust the tool piece for proper positioning of the material to work on. To secure the desired position, two lock-down nuts pin down the piece.

The TEKTON 54004 will be very greasy, which is an indication of its quality. The greasier the bench vise is, the better quality it has.

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Features and Specifications of the TEKTON 54004

  • Construction Material: Cast iron for durability
  • Jaw opening: 3 inches and ridges for maximum grip
  • Throat depth: 2 1/8 inches
  • Anvil size: 2 5/8 inches by 2 5/8 inches for added workspace
  • Swivel base:120 degrees for easy adjustments
  • Tensile strength: 30,000 PSI for durability
  • Weight: 15 pounds (lighter than others but can accomplish medium duty tasks)
  • Mounting holes: 3 3-inch holes to fix the equipment on your workstation

TEKTON 54004 Reviews and Ratings

The TEKTON 54004 has received a total of 75 reviews on Amazon at the time of writing, with an average of 4.5 stars as rating. Majority of the ratings generated 5 stars for the unit. The top customer feedback express that the product was good quality and worth the price. The customer mentioned that the unit was hard to beat with its affordable price, which was further reduced using his coupon. This review gave 5 stars for the unit.

But just like an other bench vise, there will always be disappointed customers such as one saying that the unit was satisfactory if not for the China-made issues. He gave 3 stars for the equipment. The customer stated that the vise was suitable for home use. However, he found some of the features such as the mounting holes to be inadequate as he needed to re-drill the hole to fit the bolts that come with the package. He also mentioned that there were sharp edges that needed to be toned down to prevent injury. However, this customer also mentioned in the review that the issues were easy to resolve, taking just a few minutes to fix the issues.

Overall, customer reviews were very positive. Many expressed their praises including “meets the expectations”, “good built vise”, “excellent equipment for the DIY home craftsperson”, and “excellent”, further explaining that the vise was just what he expected. He said that he needed a good quality vise for his home and now he has finally found his match.

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In conclusion, the TEKTON 54004 is a secure, durable, well-built, and user-friendly equipment that will last long for homeowners and shop owners. Unlike other cheap vises, this unit is affordable but is of good value. With this Tekton unit, you will not have to concern yourself with every job that you perform on your piece to check if it is still in place since you can hold it in place. Thus, saving you time. With the features of this equipment, I highly recommend it if you want to accomplish your medium duty tasks on your workstation. View more detailed reviews of the best bench vise here.

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