Teraflex 1251000/1513001 Jeep Lift Kit Review

The Teraflex 1251000/1513001 became one of the best suspension lift kits due to its all-necessary components with high quality. Aside from its free steering stabilizer, the product also comes with stabilizer number 1513001 and lift number 1251000. Its components, alongside its shock absorbers. are easily installed.

The 2.5-inch suspension lift package allows for installation of up to 35-inch tire and aftermarket wheels with 4.5-inch or less backspacing. If you are an enthusiast minding about the budget, this is an ultra simple kit to try. It is ideally made to reduce vibration, bump steering, and front-end tremble.

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Elite LCG Suspension System

This is the system you could find only in Teraflex Jeep Wrangler JK 4, making it highly capable of giving you responsive steering, unprecedented handling, personalized suspension geometry, reliable off-road performance, and all-around application. The product ensures that you get the most ideal solution if you are an aggressive trail user. Besides, it also promotes fully adjustable upper and lower long arms which could prevent squat, give way to pinion, and configure the position of tires.

Long FlexArm System

This is another technology you could find in Teraflex 1251000/1513001 which concentrates on sustaining the gravity center’s position in the lowest possible area. The FlexArms are adjustable and long, and can be found in the upper and lower areas of the suspension kit.

Teraflex 1251000/1513001 Features and Specifications

The 2.5-inch suspension kit has a total weight of 60 pounds. It comes with everything you need, namely, 2.5-inch lift coil sprints, weld-on long arm brackets, 9550 VSS shock absorbers, real swaybar links, bump stops, rear trackbar bracket, and front adjustable monster trackbar. Through the cumulative advantages of its parts, you no longer have to worry about prohibited steering, limited management, poor quality off-road results, and preset suspension design.

To know more about the product, here are its major features:

  • Complete Kit – The suspension lift kit comes with everything you need for a basic yet fully functional jeep handling. It has components that you could tweak or fine-tune depending on the situation.
  • Easy Installation – The kit allows the setup of up to 35-inch tire. Teraflex Jeep Wrangler JK 4 is also designed for 4.5-inch or less of backspacing, particularly relative to aftermarket wheels.
  • Steering Stabilizer for FREE – The kit may appear to be very elementary and straightforward, but it comes with an oversized steering stabilizer which reduces upfront costs for better investment.
  • Control Center of Gravity – The Long FlexArm system of the product could sustain the lowest possible center of gravity while being used. It offers a conservative lift, which means that you could obtain reasonable distance between the boulders and skid-plates.
  • Great Off-Road Capability – It could work perfectly in case of adding tires or wheels for your Rubicon or other JK Wrangler models. The kits allow for clearance and sustenance of practical use of your right hand drive vehicles.
  • Considerable Deal – The price of the kit is highly reasonable since it is a good lift for your four-door vehicle.

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Teraflex 1251000/1513001 Reviews

The editor’s rating for Teraflex 1251000/1513001 is 9.2 out of 10.

Most of the feedbacks from customers are positive. Given the highly rated reception obtained by the product, the suspension lift kit simply deserves its numerous five stars. According to most of its existing users, it gives a substantial lift so you could be back on that Rubicon Trail once again. The customers also commended how the installation is smooth and quiet as long as you read the instructions carefully.

The kit was also commended for having components at their highest possible condition. Many have recommended the product for it does not require cutting or drilling at all. Conclusively, most of the customers experienced great on-road driving and significant off-road performance.

Things to Improve

According to its existing users, Teraflex should have added an exhaust extension for it could add ease to installation of the lift. There is one customer who shared that he had to remove the bolts that were rusted. It is also quite tricky to have a sufficient gap in the exhaust.

If possible, the instructions should have been more detailed or more comprehensible and videos may be provided, if applicable. Basically, most of the suspension lift kit buyers have used video-based manual to complete the installation.


From the given facts above, Teraflex 1251000/1513001 is indeed a must-try product. The suspension lift kit complies with the basic needs of trailer users without compromising a great lift. Since it could handle anything you may require, it could be useful for a variety of off-road solutions. Moreover, it gives you more control with the help of its customizable specifications so you could accomplish the tire and wheel configurations.

Nonetheless, you are still free to check out other best jeep lift kit reviews if you want a comparison-based evaluation.wide orange