Teraflex 1251000/1513001 Jeep Lift Kit Reviews

Another lift kit that has been introduced in the market is the Teraflex Wrangler Suspension Lift. When you avail this tool, you get to have a steering stabilizer as well. Other brands will not include this item most of the time. If you want a tool that is really simple and easy to use, then the Teraflex Wrangler is the perfect choice for your need.

This tool is made especially for people who are searching for quality products at an affordable price. This is most probably the edge of this tool from other designs. Another great thing about this product is the shock absorber included in it. Everything that you will need to start the job can be found in the kit.

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Complete Kit Inclusion

The best thing about Teraflex Wrangler is that you get to have a complete kit when you avail this suspension. It is already a huge bargain for you. You don’t have to buy an extra tool that you will need because its manufacturer already assumed that fact.

The shock absorber is the best inclusion of this suspension lift. These shock absorbers are able to control the movement of the strings as well as the suspension. Another important use of this is its ability to keep your tires flat on the ground. The damp impulses are absorbed by this hydraulic device.

The impact and the rebound of the strings are being controlled by the shock absorbers. This inclusion in the kit helps in preventing too much vibration and bumps. The result is a very smooth driving experience. You must note that different vehicles need different type of shock absorbers for the string and suspension.

Installation up to 35” Tires

Teraflex Wrangler suspension kit makes it possible for you to run a maximum of 35” tires. This is way lot bigger compared to the capacity of other suspension lifts in the market. Other suspensions in the market are only allowable for a certain clearance. The stabilizer functions as the counterpart of the modified suspension to avoid any bump-steer.

The diameter shock tube included in the kit is indeed bigger than the factory damper. This means that it is more resilient and durable. It will be able to withstand the stress of most off-road vehicles in this sense. The skid plates and the boulders are also kept in a decent distance with each other. This is especially seen when they are installed. You will be able to get your vehicle going without having any safety issues. The functionality of this suspension lift is indeed very relevant and indispensable.

Teraflex Wrangler Features & Specifications

  • Inclusion of a stabilizer – when you avail this tool, you also get to have a free stabilizer in the kit.
  • Shock Absorbers – these devices are also included in the kit. They are used to control the movement of the spring and the suspension as well.
  • Installation up to 35” of your tire – this installation measure is also higher and bigger than the capacity of other suspension lifts in them market.
  • Complete kit – when you avail this device, complete tools are included in the package to get you going.

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Teraflex Wrangler Reviews

The Teraflex Wrangler suspension was able to receive a rating of 8.5 out of 10 from the customer reviews. Most of the users are very happy with this suspension system. They noted that it is very easy to install this suspension. Normal hand tools are needed in order to proceed in the installation process.

One user noted that he doesn’t need to hire a shop in order to install the suspension. Aside from that, he is very happy with the inclusion of the free stabilizer, which is perfect because he doesn’t have one.

Accessing the upper shocks can be a bit of a challenge, but Teraflex Wrangler makes it a lot easier. Many customers are very happy because of this capability. The ride quality after the installation procedure is remarkable according to the majority of the users.

Another user noted that this suspension really stood out during the test drive in upheaved roads. The driving experiences of the users were truly amazing. Upgrading it in the future is also possible. These are just few of the reasons why many users endorse this device.

Another great feedback is the distance between the skid-plates and the boulders. The users are very satisfied on its ability to make a good lift while maintaining a good distance.

Things to Improve

The Teraflex Wrangler is a terrific suspension lift. However, there are times when minor flaws can be noted. Few of the users gave a feedback regarding the leak of the shocks. Some of them were able to remedy it with a seal. Nonetheless, this issue doesn’t have a huge impact to its remarkable performance.


If you are looking for a conservative suspension lift, then the Teraflex Wrangler is the right fit for your need. You would surely like all the inclusions when you avail it. If you want to be more convinced, you can check out the best Jeep lift kit reviews for additional information and relevant feedbacks from the customers.

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