Thanksgiving Countdown Wreath

Many Thanks Wreath

It’s almost November and I’m so excited to be be kicking off the holiday season with this “Many Thanks” countdown wreath. I LOVE Thanksgiving — family, friends, delicious food and the chance to sit down and reflect on all of the things I’m thankful for. 

This wreath is designed to remind us to be thankful all month long, not just on Thanksgiving. There’s a numbered clothespin-leaf for each day of November.

Write something that you and your family are thankful for on cut-out leaves and clip them to the clothespins, one day at a time. By the time you reach Thanksgiving your wreath will be full of leaves of thanks.

On Thanksgiving read through the leaves and share your messages of gratitude with family and friends. After Thanksgiving save the leaves of thanks, they make a beautiful addition to a holiday album or scrapbook, and they’re fun to look back at year after year. The wreath itself can be saved and reused next season.

To make a wreath you’ll need:

  • 1 Wire hangerJute Twine
  • Hot Glue
  • Card stock in fall colors
  • Leaf-shaped paper punch, or printed template
  • Gold or bronze pen25 Pinch-style clothespins
  • Ribbon, optional

1. Bend the wire hanger into a circle.

Thankgiving Countdown Wreath

2. Add a dab of hot glue to the wire, and start wrapping the jute twine.

As you wrap add dots of hot glue to help secure.

Thankgiving Countdown Wreath

3. Wrap the whole hanger with jute twine, and use hot glue to secure the ends.

Thankgiving Countdown Wreath

4. Now it’s time to cut the leaves.

I used this extra large paper punch, but you can print out the template below. You will need 50 leaves.

Thankgiving Countdown Wreath
Thankgiving Countdown Wreath
* note – for template click on the image above and print scaled to 60%

5. After cutting your leaves, number 25 of them 1-25 using a gold or bronze marker.

Thankgiving Countdown Wreath

6. Put a dollop of hot glue on the pinch end of the clothespin and glue one numbered leaf to each pin.

Thankgiving Countdown Wreath

7. When you have all of your clothespins ready clip them onto the wire wreath.

You may need to overlap the leaves so that all 25 will fit.

Thankgiving Countdown Wreath
Thankgiving Countdown Wreath

8. Keep a stack of the blank leaves near your wreath.

Write a message of thanks on each leaf and add a new leaf every day in November.

Thankgiving Countdown Wreath