Best Dust Mask Reviews 2020

When you are working in any field associated with construction, safety and health are one of the most important aspects hence; everyone needs to wear safety gears such as the dust mask.

A dust mask is respiratory protective equipment which is essential especially when you are exposed to small particles, dust, and fumes.

A dust mask is vital particularly if you work in wood flooring industry where you can experience various health hazards to your lungs due to the effect of the sawdust.  In situations like this, you really need the best dust mask for woodworking that is reliable and specifically designed for the job.

Best Dust Mask Review

3M 8511 Dust Mask


3M is one of the leading manufacturers of quality woodworking mask just like the 8511. This company is also responsible for developing other respiratory products and also in providing services pertaining to respiratory safety solutions.

The 8511 is designed to provide utmost comfort to the wearer and at the same time provides respiratory protection against elements which are non-oil based.

The mask also has an M-shaped nose clip adding a more comfortable fit. It has two straps which have a soldered point attachment so the mask stays securely in place so your movement will not be restricted in any way.

Trapped air that causes moisture is one of the most common problems experienced by people who wear woodworking dust mask.  This struggle is prevented with the use of E3 8511 because of its Cool FlowValve feature.

The Cool FLowValve is a feature that stands out in this woodworking mask. This feature allows these wood dust masks to release hot air especially the one the humid air produced when you exhale. It prevents the unpleasant accumulation of heat within the face piece that can lead to fogging especially when you are wearing glasses.

Consider the 3M 8511 if you want a reliable dust mask that can eliminate dirt particles, fumes and other harmful substances that can be inhaled. Even with the kind of filter and protection that the 3M 8511 gives, it still provides easy breathability thus you will feel comfortable even if you utilize the mask for a long period of time.

3M 8511 Paint Sanding Valved N95 Cool-Flow Respirator,...
10,302 Reviews
3M 8511 Paint Sanding Valved N95 Cool-Flow Respirator,...
  • Niosh approved N95 for at least 95% filtration efficiency...
  • 3M cool flow valve helps reduce heat buildup inside the...
  • Breathe 30% easier compared to 3M 8200, breathe easier is...

GVS SPR457 Dust Mask


If you are looking for the most comfortable dust mask in the market, the GVS SPR457 is definitely at the top of the list. This mask is known for its patented and distinctive design which makes it very different from all the other masks offered in the market.

Despite the mask’s unique appearance, people are still extremely satisfied with its low profile design, breathability and the kind of comfort that it provides.

The SPR457 is one of the leading models when it comes to comfort because its material is made from a thermoplastic elastomer which is very soft. This material is hyper allergenic which means that it’s free from elements that may cause allergies such as silicone and later. In addition, the SPR457 is odorless.

The materials of the mask are intended to fit the outlines of your face hence it fits snugly and comfortably.

As mentioned, this mask has a low profile design so it gives you a wide field of view and it does not get in the way when you use other personal protective equipment such as sanding shields, safety glasses, and soldering hoods. The low profile design also inhibits the filters from getting caught or jolted as you perform overhead tasks.

To top it off, the SPR457 has a reusable half mask with features that allows the filters to be easily switched when needed. It comes with 100 pieces of ready-to-use filters which are efficient in protecting you against substances that contain microorganisms, harmful chemicals , nd fumes.

GVS SPR457 Elipse P100 Dust Half Mask Respirator with...
3,874 Reviews
GVS SPR457 Elipse P100 Dust Half Mask Respirator with...
  • Range of extremely light masks (130g), that fit perfectly to...
  • A unique and low profile filter, designed to fit the...
  • Low breathing resistance to reduce the risk of user fatigue...

3M 8210 Dust Mask


Unlike the GVS SPR457, the 3M 8210 is a disposable and lightweight N95 particulate mask that delivers consistent and superior respiratory protection for workers. This respirator for woodworking makes use of different advanced features to enable you to reach your needs when it comes to respiratory comfort and protection.

The 3M 8210 is approved by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health or the NIOSH to be used in an area that contains certain non-oil based elements.

Since the 3M 8210 is an N95 mask, it is able to protect you from liquid as well as airborne particles that may contaminate your face. The mask has the capability to block almost 95% of minute particles which are about 0.3 microns in size.

This woodworking mask integrates 3m’s propriety technology together with its innovative microfiber mesh that is electrostatically charged. It comes with a nose clip that can be easily adjusted and it also has a nose cushioning that enables custom fit with protected seal.

The secure seal feature of this mask prevents eyewear fogging so you stay comfortable while working. To enhance and increase wear time, manufacturers use lightweight construction together with a soldered strap attachment.

Aside from providing protection against certain non-oil based particles, this mask also decreases the inhalation contact to particular airborne particles such as mycobacterium, mold, and bacillus anthracis. It can’t totally eradicate the risk of contracting infections. However, this mask is still the popular choice for protection against tuberculosis, bird flu, SARS and even avian flu.

3M 8210 Plus Paint Sanding Dust Particulate Respirators,...
1,609 Reviews
3M 8210 Plus Paint Sanding Dust Particulate Respirators,...
  • NIOSH approved N95 for at least 95 percent filtration...
  • Recommended for use when sanding, sawing, grinding, lawn...
  • Also helps protect against particles such as mold, granular...

Safety Works 817665 Dust Mask


The 817665 is a product manufactured by Safety Works, a company that provides customers and workers with personal safety products that help in inhibiting injuries. The company has over 30 years of experience in crafting products which are priced right and performance tested.

This device is one of the best dust mask approved by NIOSH based on the NIOSH 42 Code of Federal Regulations 84 certification guidelines. It is recognized as P100 filter classification which is the highest filtration type available.

Considered as a toxic respirator, the Safety Works 817665 is ideally recommended in various applications like working near asbestos, welding with lead and in cutting tiles or bricks. Lead and asbestos inhalation may not manifest any immediate symptoms but over a period of months or years you can gradually feel the effects.

Lead poisoning can cause severe mental and physical damage. On the other hand, prolonged exposure to asbestos can increase your risk of developing diseases like mesothelioma and even lung cancer.

With the Safety Works 817665, you can experience enhanced comfort and fit because of the flexible face piece material that gives an outstanding face-to-respirator closure. It comes with long-life cartridges that are about 99.9% effective in providing protection against both oil and non-oil based chemicals.

The package comes with a P100 low-profile casing with rear-entry flow feature. This characteristic prevents debris away from the filter thus it is easier to perform fit checking.  Also included is a hygiene cover that help the seal maintain its shape and at the same time keeps the dirt out of the mask when it is not in use.

Safety Works 817665 Toxic Dust Respirator Replacement...
172 Reviews
Safety Works 817665 Toxic Dust Respirator Replacement...
  • High-efficiency filters
  • NIOSH approved (P100) class
  • Pleated for extra surface area

3M 6291 Dust Mask

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This is another product from 3M and is included in the list of best respirator mask for woodworking. The 3M 6291 is not only capable of providing protection against saw dust and debris but also from the harmful environment that contains non-oil and oil based elements.

When you purchase the 3M 6291 it comes with a 3M 2091 P100 particulate screens and 3M 6000 series reusable respirator. This is approved by NIOSH and when properly fitted, this dust mask can protect you as you do various tasks such as torch cutting, soldering, metal pouring, brazing and even exposure to arsenic, asbestos and other harmful substances.

This product is very comfortable to wear because it’s made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), a soft and lightweight material with an easy to adjust head strap that you can effortlessly modify as needed. You can loosen or tighten the strap until you get the snug fit that you want so you can focus on work while wearing comfortable gear.

Its cartridges have a swept-back design which allows better visibility and balance. There’s no need to constantly stop in between your task to adjust and position the cartridges because they are designed so there’s minimal disturbance on your part.

You can easily replace the cartridges using p100 filters or any NIOSH approved 3M series.  This mask can be disassembled when it needs cleaning then you can reuse it afterward. Since it is reusable, it gives your mask extended life and offers reusability so you can save a lot of money.

3M(TM) Half Facepiece Respirator Assembly 6291/07002(AAD),...
2,145 Reviews
3M(TM) Half Facepiece Respirator Assembly 6291/07002(AAD),...
  • The lightweight 3M Half Face Respirator 6000 Series offer...
  • Incorporate the 3M Bayonet Filter Fixing System enabling a...
  • Versatile systems suitable for many situations, providing...

Dust Mask Buying Guide

When your job requires you to be constantly exposed to different harmful chemicals, it is important that you use a device that can provide you extensive protection hence a best woodworking dust mask is a must.

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Types of Dust Mask

1) Disposable   Disposable dust masks are the cheapest option that you can find but they are not as effective as the other types. It is still able to provide you protection against sawdust but you may experience issues with comfort. Usually disposable masks come in one size so it’s not going to fit perfectly most of the time.

A disposable mask could still be considered as the best woodworking dust mask if it is made from high-quality materials and it has double straps for a secure and snug fit. This type of mask does not need cleaning or maintenance and its lightweight hence easy to carry around.

2) Reusable – Compared to disposable masks, reusable ones cost a little more upfront but in the long run you are saving more since you only have to buy once. You just have to wash it then you can reuse it again.

When choosing a reusable mask, check if the material is breathable and comfortable. A breathable material makes you feel cooler so you can breathe better even if you are wearing the mask. For your comfort, the mask should be made from flexible material so there’s no need for a nose pinching metal part.

The reusable mask is classified into 3 categories: half mask, full face and powered.

3) Half mask – This mask covers half of your face and it comes with replaceable filters.  This mask either has single or dual filters. These masks are often produced in various sizes and it can be used in combination with a face shield.

A half mask is mostly lightweight so it does not restrict your mobility. The respirator itself is made from elastomer or rubber making it durable and long lasting. With this, you only have to replace the filters when needed.

This type of mask needs to be regularly examined, cleaned, sanitized and repaired.

4) Full face Full face is the best respirator for woodworking if you are looking for a mask that can provide more coverage than the half mask. This product often comes with HEPA or 100 series filter which means that it offers more protection. Aside from providing shielding your nose and mouth, the best respirator mask for woodworking also gives eye protection.

5) Powered – Powered masks are the most innovative since it is battery operated and consist of either a full or a half mask piece, particulate filters, breathing cylinders and a blower.

Different Dust Mask Variables

1) Fit – The fit of the mask is essential because it has air gaps, particles will still be able to pass through it rendering the mask useless.

There are some masks which contain features that allow you to make the adjustment. Features like an adjustable strap and the type of material will enable you to securely fit the mask on your face. Prior to buying, fit testing is necessary to make sure that you will have the appropriate device.

The Best Dust Mask Reviews 2016 – 2017 4

2) Particulate filters  Particulate filters can be reusable, replaceable or disposable and these are used to cover your mouth and nose. This prevents the entry of dust, liquids, mist and fumes.

These filters are rated by the NIOSH depending on how much and what particles it can filter out.

Below are NIOSH ratings:

  • N- not oil resistant
  • R- resistant to oil for 8 hours
  • P- resistant to oil for more than 8 hours
  • 95, 97 or 100 – corresponds to the percentage of one-micrometer particles that the filter can remove.

3) Material used – The kind of material used for the construction of the mask will determine its ability to filter particulate matters. You don’t get much protection when you are wearing cotton or a surgical mask so always check the kind of material and its ability to filter out particles.

4) Ventilation – If the mask does not have good ventilation, you would feel suffocated and won’t be able to work for long periods of time. A breathable mask has foam face seals which create a gap inside so you can breathe comfortably.

5) Style – This is not as important as the other variables and this greatly depends on your preference. There is amask which looks plain and simple while others have attractive colors that liven up its looks.

The Best Dust Mask Reviews 2016 – 2017 2

Proper Way to Put on the Respirator

  • Make sure that the tucks are facing downwards to prevent dust from getting into the device.
  • Position the nose moulding on the bridge of your nose. The nose piece should fit snugly without leaving any gaps.
  • Modify the nose piece to make sure that it fits perfectly on your nose then buckle the strap.
  • Adjust the straps to fit comfortably before fastening it in place.
  • If you plan on using glasses, position it after putting on the mask.

How to Properly Clean Dust Masks

Half mask and full face respirator masks

  • Remove the cartridges and filters which are connected to the mask.
  • Immerse the face piece, without the filters and cartridges in warm water with mild cleaning solution then gently scrub paying close attention to the area where dirt could lodge. You can use mild detergent but make sure that it does not contain lanolin or other types of oils.
  • Soak the face piece with disinfectant. You can add 30 ml of household bleach in 7.5 litres of water with a small amount of sodium hypochlorite.
  • Wash using warm water then air dry.
  • Store the respirator away from any source of contamination.
  • Remember that the respirator should always be cleaned after each use.

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Dust mask and disposable particulate respirators

  • Dust mask and disposable particulate respirators are not designed to be washed but some people prematurely throw them away even if they can still reuse it.
  • Before you throw these masks inspect the respirator mask. If there are no visible signs of damage you can still reuse the mask even if it appears soiled on the outside.
  • You can still continue to wear intact respirators if it is properly stored.


Wearing the best dust mask may seem like an inconvenience but it is an essential device that will protect you from airborne pollutants and particles. No matter how small these pollutants are, it can still cause health problems hence a good dust mask is a must.

Since these masks come in various types and brands, you should carefully go through each variable so you will know if it is suited to your needs.

You may need to spend a little more in purchasing the best dust mask but this will be all worth it because it prevents the development of both short and long term diseases.

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