ThruNite Ti3 NW Pocket Flashlight Review

What can you possibly expect in a flashlight as small as a lipstick? Expect the brightest from the ThruNite Ti3 LED Flashlight. Yes, it is as small as a lipstick that has a keychain attachment. Just imagine how handy this flashlight is. It will fit in your pocket, use it as a keychain, or place it in the tiniest purse. You can always be ready for any situation that will require some light.

In addition to these features, this pocket flashlight has switching light modes for any condition. It can be set to firefly, low, high, or strobe. An AAA battery is enough to power this awesome tool.

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Four Light Mode Settings

The ThruNite Ti3 LED Flashlight has four light modes that will surely fit your needs. The mode settings are easy to adjust with the turn switch. You can adjust the light beam from firefly, low, high, and strobe.

The different light levels – firefly, low, and high are adjustments depending on the brightness that you need. Sometimes, the high beam can be too much that can actually hinder you from seeing whatever you are pointing the flashlight to. With this, you can turn the setting to firefly or low whichever is suitable.

The strobe mode is perfect to catch attention or as a warning device. In case of emergencies, which of course you can never expect when, you have a warning device readily available with you. You can also use it to call for help.

Keychain Attachment

The keychain attachment is one of the features that sets the ThruNite Ti3 LED Flashlight from other pocket flashlights. Other than fitting inside your pocket, you can attach it to your key, bag zipper, or anything that you carry around with you. With this, it can become a staple gadget that you can use at any time.

You also have an option to attach a pocket clip that can be used to attach your flashlight to your belt, pocket, or cap. You can also vary the manner of how you can attach the pocket clip. If you attach in the reverse, you can now clip your pocket flashlight onto your head gear to light your way. Voila, you have a hands-free flashlight. Just think about the different uses of this pocket flashlight with just these simple attachments.

ThruNite Ti3 LED Flashlight Features and Specifications

  • Bright LED light bulb – the light bulb is made by Cree, which is a renowned LED manufacturer known for quality light bulbs that has a life span of up to twenty years.
  • Keychain attachment – you can attach your flashlight to your keys, zipper, or bag, making it handy for any use.
  • Clip attachment – you can attach the flashlight to your pocket, purse, cap or anywhere that it can be readily accessible for you.
  • Four light beam modes – adjustable just by turning the switch to firefly, low, high, or strobe.
  • Battery use – this small pocket flashlight is powered by just one AAA battery.
  • Incredibly small size – as small as a lipstick, you won’t notice the extra weight in your pocket or purse.

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ThruNite Ti3 LED Flashlight Reviews

This tiny ThruNite Ti3 LED Flashlight received a rating of almost perfect 9.8/10. Clearly, the performance of this pocket flashlight surpasses the expectations of the customers who purchased and used the gadget. Most of the feedback mentioned the value they got for their money because they found the flashlight very useful and very handy. It is not something that you just purchase and forget you ever bought it.

Some of those who purchased the product were surprised with the quality of the flashlight that they got for the fraction of a cost of other pocket flashlights.

Things to Improve

Some users are having minor issues with the four light mode settings of the ThruNite Ti3 LED Flashlight. To go to the light mode that you require, you will have to turn to the other light mode levels. For example, it takes six clicks to get to the strobe light mode. Nevertheless, they find the light mode settings very helpful in different situations.

With an almost perfect rating, any improvements needed are very minor. One user suggests adding a rubberized finish for a non-skid quality. But since the flashlight is so small, it would not be difficult for the users to handle.


The ThruNite Ti3 LED Flashlight is direct to its purpose. It is small and bright. It is handy and durable. It has different modes suited for different situations. Who knew something this small could be so powerful. The keychain or pocket clip give you options on how you can carry the flashlight wherever you go. You won’t even notice you have it until the need arises.

With just one AAA battery, you can operate this tool and use any of its light beam settings – firefly, low, high, and strobe. All these features in a compact and stylish pocket flashlight. Read other best pocket flashlight reviews for more information.

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