ThruNite® TN12EDC LED Flashlight Review

The ThruNite® TN12EDC LED Flashlight is a must-have flashlight because it’s arguably the best and most cost-effective LED EDC light you could get your hands on.

If you wish to go hiking, hunting, camping in the wild, you should take the ThruNiteTN12 2016 with you.

This Flashlight is a rugged tool designed to take the rough-and-tumble experience of trekking through nature at night. What’s more, it’s kind of a lot more dangerous to go through the great outdoors after dark since there are few-and-far-between lampposts and city lights to show your way through.

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The ThruNite® TN12EDC flashlight’s main claim to fame is its ability to reach 1,050 lumens of brightness at maximum power and 800 lumens at strobe mode. This makes it double as a tactical torch, particularly when looking from its temporarily activated tail switch.

Naturally, you can’t have the light at max mode the whole way through or else it ends up burning out faster, but it’s certainly bright enough to work at minimum mode with a serviceable amount of operating time (from 95 minutes to 74 days).

The torch is also quite compact, thus enabling you to take it anywhere in your backpack or pocket or at the designated slot of your gun (in case you’re a security guard or part of the SWAT team).

Loads of Modes

The ThruNite® TN12EDC flashlight also includes various modes. To change from one mode to another, just press the side switch after activating the light to circle through five outputs ranging from firefly mode to max mode (the other modes are low, medium, and high mode). You can also gently press the tail switch in order to to get the momentary on mode.

To turn on the light altogether, press the switch until it clicks. To turn the light off, just press it again. As for the 13-hertz strobe mode, just press and hold the side switch for one second. It’s perfect for emergencies and gaining the attention of passing cars when your own car has broken down. Just press the switch once to return to general lighting mode.

ThruNite® TN12EDC Specifications

  • 7 volts to 9 volts working voltage
  • Gets more lumens thanks to its improved UI
  • Without batteries, it weighs 82 grams
  • Its aluminum body is aircraft grade
  • Its length is 143 millimeters, and its diameter is 25.4 millimeters
  • 1,050 lumens (with XM-L2U2) is its maximum light output
  • Get a perfect throw and beam with its smooth reflector
  • A 50,000-hour lifespan can be expected from its Cree XM-L2U2 LED
  • Its finish is an anti-abrasive, hard-anodized Premium Type III
  • Its glass lens is ultra-clear, incredibly tough, and has anti-reflective coating
  • It uses two CR123A batteries (sold separately) or one 18650 rechargeable battery
  • Improper battery installation protection via its reverse polarity protection design
  • It has multiple modes
    • Firefly (0.4 lumen that lasts for 74 days)
    • Low (11 lumen that lasts for 5.5 days)
    • Medium (145 lumen that lasts for 11.8 hours)
    • High (370 lumen that lasts for 4.2 hours)
    • Strobe (800 lumen that lasts for 3.8 hours)
    • Turbo (1,050 lumen that lasts for 95 minutes)

wide orange ThruNite® TN12EDC Reviews

Extensive research has been done on the ThruNite® TN12EDC. Customers who have used quite a number of EDC-sized flashlights favor this particular one because they had a positive experience from its delivery and customer service to the flashlight operation itself. As you can see from the specs, this torchlight is capable of various modes for various situations.

You can get a minimal light that lasts for more than a couple of months to the highest and brightest light possible lasting for 1½ hours or more. This is why many people can’t help but rave for this flashlight. It makes your grocery store light look like a matchstick in comparison. As such, ThruNite® TN12EDC gets a solid 9.6 over 10 rating.

Things to Improve

Certain customers can’t help but give this light a lowered rating because of their dissatisfaction with the tail switch light. Now, not all lights have defective switches, but those that have (and a number of customers have reported that this problem exists) are practically unusable.

Because the light offers so many modes, a defective switch can make you activate a mode you don’t want, like a turbo or strobe mode that eats up your battery life or the firefly or low mode that barely brings out any light at all. These are thankfully isolated instances experienced by few customers.


Despite the existence of some ThruNite® TN12EDC flashlights suffering from malfunctioning switches, this amazing product for the most part delivers maximum satisfaction across the board. It’s still a compact and reliable EDC light that’s ideal for use outdoors, camping, hunting, security detail, emergencies, police work or law enforcement, firefighter assistance, and army or military applications.

Instead of buying a low-budget flashlight that can barely last a month in the wild, it’s about time you invested into something longer-lasting! It most certainly is the rugged torch thanks to its stainless-steel side switch covered by an aircraft-grade aluminum body.

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