ThruNite® TN4A LED Flashlight Review

The ThruNite® TN4A LED is one of the brightest handheld flashlights that you will find on the market today.

Boasting a maximum of 1,150 lumens coming from just four AA batteries, this product, is definitely something that you will need for your heavy duty lighting needs.

ThruNite® TN4A LED Flashlight Powered by 4 AA batteries, is powerful but without sacrificing portability. While note categorized as an EDC, the ThruNite TN4A can easily be gripped by a single hand and is also one of the toughest flashlights around with both measured impact and water resistance.

wide orange41dsAfXJyCLLighting Features

The ThruNite TN4A is available in both cool white and hi cool white models. Luminosity ranges from .2 lumens to 1,150 lumens.

Runtime is high even at the highest settings due to its use of four AA batteries. Expect over two hours’ use of strobe lighting and a little under one hour for turbo lighting.

Lighting is both wide and distant, although discolorations might appear in certain areas of the beam, what some might call the tint. This shows up as yellowish-green but does not distort visibility in any way.

Lighting is controlled by an electronic switch with built in memory function and shortcuts for different lighting modes. Six modes are available from firefly to turbo along with strobe functionality.

Additional Features

What’s amazing about the ThruNite TN4A LED Flashlight is that it went through rigorous development to make the product stand out both inside and out. Externally, the product has a good grip due to aggressive knurling on the handle, and O-rings as well as aircraft grade anodized body makes it one of the most heavy duty flashlights within its class that you can find.

Internally, the item has an innovative ITC function which prevents overheating. ITC, or Intelligent Temperature Control, lowers the current running in the flashlight once temperatures reach 80 degrees, making the item more comfortable for prolonged used as well as prolonging the useful life of the device.

ThruNite® TN4A Features and Specifications

  • LED: CREE XPL-V6 LED (Cool White), CREE XPL-V6 HI LED (Natural White)
  • Batteries: 4 AA
  • Modes Available: Firefly, Low, Medium, High, Strobe
  • Runtime (on a single charge): Firefly (80 days)
    • Low (93 hours)
    • Medium (14 hours)
    • High (150 minutes)
    • Turbo (56 minutes)
    • Strobe (150 minutes)
  • Lumens: Firefly (.5 lumen Cool White, .2 lumen Hi Cool White)
    • Low (15 lumen Cool White, 14 lumen Hi Cool White)
    • Medium (139 lumen Cool White, 120 lumen Hi Cool White)
    • High (550 lumen Cool White, 520 lumen Hi Cool White)
    • Turbo (1,150 lumen Cool White, 1,050 lumen Hi Cool White)
    • Strobe (1,150 lumen Cool White, 1050 lumen Hi Cool White)
  • Resistance: 2-meter impact resistance, 1.5-meter water resistance (IPX-8)
  • Dimensions: 111.5mm x 45.5mm, Weight: 218.6g without batteries, Material: Aircraft grade aluminum, type III anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Additional Features: Bezel, electronic switch, memory function, shortcut modes, ITC function
  • Accessories: Holster, lanyard, spare O-rings

wide orangeThruNite® TN4A Reviews

The ThruNite TN4A LED Flashlight currently has about 180+ reviews. Based on its specs as well as on customer reviews, a ranking of 9/10 is just right.

Positive comments about the product include its brightness, allowing for light to reach even almost a quarter mile away. Customers also praise its user-friendly features and indicator light on as to when batteries are getting low.

Things to Improve

Even though there are many positive comments about the ThruNite TN4A, there are also some noticeable flaws about it.

Some customers say that the light it produces is too warm for their liking, referring to the hue that is not necessarily neutral white. This is an aspect of the flashlight that is just a matter of preferences, but when you look at the performance of the unit, you will see that it stays true to this promise.

Nevertheless, those who have commented on this aspect also said that the unit is indeed sturdy and bright.

Regardless of its minor flaws, this flashlight has great value for its strengths trumping its weaknesses.


The ThruNite TN4A LED Flashlight fares well, considering that it is ThruNite’s first take in the compact 4AA flashlight market. The product certainly performs decently, and having the ability to choose between different light modes is certainly a plus.

This product is also definitely one of the more technologically advanced flashlights out there, with the electronic switch and internal temperature control. Add to this the tempered glass lens and tough metallic frame and you’ve got a lighting device that is guaranteed to last for a long time.

The TN4A is also decently sized given its required power capacity, and shortcut buttons that are provided are a definite plus especially in situations wherein rapid switching is required. With the power and dependability of the ThruNite TN4A, it is certifiably deserving to be called on of the best flashlights on the market.

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