Timberline 793573831248 Chainsaw Sharpener Review

In terms of a really reliable carbide cutter, the Timberline chainsaw has its name on it. Due to the 3/16 carbide cutter, this product is capable of cutting through woods and lumber with utmost accuracy and precision. Indeed, this is one of the best sharpeners in the market.

To make you really amazed, the Timberline chainsaw sharpener could sharpen your saw very fast. This is the reason why people are seeking after this sharpener. You would notice that there is a handle attached to the sharpener. This is because you can operate it manually. Its ability could make the life of the chainsaw longer by removing even the tiniest debris off the chain.

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51kH4KrrlLTungsten Carbide Cutter

There are many benefits in using a carbide cutter. You should know that they are brazed in steel materials. It makes them very durable and highly resistant to the damaging force in the atmosphere. Aside from this, it can cut through a hard metal. This is the reason why this is considered as a heavy-duty sharpening tool.

Tungsten carbide cutters are very reliable in doing heavy-duty tasks. It could withstand the rough metals in the chainsaw. Carbide tools are very durable and cost-effective. They are preferred than other materials because of their reliability when it comes to cutting.

Another good thing about this is they are cheaper in nature. This sharpener is very effective in keeping the teeth of the chains really sharp. You can control the sharpening process by turning the handle manually. As you turn, the carbide cutter cuts through the metal shaft of the chain. With just one turn, you are able to sharpen it as sharply as a brand-new chainsaw.

High Quality Machined Aluminum

Another breakthrough in Timberline sharpener is the machined aluminium. If you are familiar with aluminium, it can be melted and formed into different shapes. Timberline sharpener has its cutter made from machined aluminium. This is the reason why it is applicable for tough sharpening tasks.

You just need to clamp the sharpener on the blade of your chainsaw, and then it would be able to cut through it effectively. The aluminium part of the sharpener is anti-corrosive, so it would not be subjected to wear and tear easily.

A high quality machined aluminium is ensured to deliver exemplified performance in sharpening your chainsaws. It has the capability to sharpen each tooth efficiently without missing even a single one.

Timberline Sharpener Features

  • Tungsten Carbide Cutter – This is a highly durable material for your sharpening needs. It has the capacity to cut through the metal to sharpen the tooth of the chain.
  • High Quality Machined Aluminum – highly anti-corrosive metal for exemplified sharpening performance.
  • Fast sharpening of each tooth of the chainsaw
  • Handle for manual turning of the sharpener
  • Clamping knob – used to clamp the sharpener on the blade of the chainsaw.
  • Portable – This is very lightweight and easy to carry around wherever you need it.
  • Versatility – Anyone can use this sharpener, whether you are a professional or just for home use.

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Timberline Sharpener Reviews

The Timberline sharpener gained praises from most of the consumers. It received an 8 out of 10 rating from the customer review. Many of the users were intrigued by its tungsten carbide cutter. They were satisfied with its durability and heavy-duty applications.

One of the consumers even noted that this is indeed an outstanding product. The simplicity of this cutter also contributed to its fame among consumers. People are searching for products that would be simple enough to use. Timberline sharpener has the exact definition for that.

Other reviews noted that this is a great product in maintaining the chainsaws in good shape. Even professionals are awed by its capabilities despite of its small size. They were able to use it by just simply attaching it to the blade. There are no instructions to follow with this.

Another important feedback from a user is that it is able to sharpen each tooth of the chain in identical length and depth. Majority of the reviews are positive experiences with the Timberline sharpener.

Things to Improve

If there is one thing to be improved in the Timberline sharpener, it is probably the size of the sharpener. It could perform better if it can work in a wider width. One feedback from the user is the brittleness of the carbide. It should be noted that extra care should be observed in handling it. Anyway, the carbide could be easily replaced and they are really affordable.


The Timeline sharpener is a functional manual sharpener for chainsaws. If you are particular with portability, then you are reading the perfect review. This sharpener would give you an accurate and precise measure of each tooth for great performance. If you are interested to check out the other best chainsaw sharpeners in the market, then you must look in here. The best chainsaw sharpener reviews are also provided just for you.

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