Torin T83006 Floor Jack Review

All vehicle owners need a handy jack to help them perform all sorts of maintenance in their car. The Torin T83006 service jack is a great choice, especially for those who own SUVs. Compared to other products, this floor jack is designed with a longer neck to speed up the lifting process for higher cars. It can lift a maximum weight of 3 tons and is made of high grade steel material for strength.

When it comes to lowered vehicles, you can remove the neck to make it fit and do the necessary lifting. The handle is comfortable to use with its rubber grip. It can also be stored at the slot found at the side of the jack.

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Detachable Extended Neck and Rubber Grip Handle

If you own an SUV or a truck, the Torin T83006 jack is the best choice. It features an extended neck that is longer compared to other floor jack models in the market today. This extra long neck saves you time by lifting higher vehicles faster than usual. The extended neck is also detachable, so you have the option of using this jack in another lowered vehicle. The neck has unique grooves that create better contacts with the vehicle’s jack points.

When it comes to operation, this floor jack comes with its own attachable handle. The handle has a rubber grip for a more comfortable feel. For your convenience, you can store the handle at the side of the jack to avoid losing it after use.

Made with High Grade Steel and 3-ton Maximum Capacity

The Torin T83006 jack is a reliable service jack that is made from high grade steel to make sure that it lasts you for a long time no matter how much you use it. The steel frame also creates a strong base that supports heavy loads.

This jack has a maximum capacity of 3 tons and can lift almost all kinds of vehicles from cars to trucks, so you can perform all the maintenance that you need.

Torin T83006 Features and Specifications

  • Constructed with high grade steel – this reliable floor jack is built using only high grade steel to meet the requirements of heavy-duty use.
  • Large Saddle Area – this creates better contact with the supported load making sure that it won’t slip at any given point
  • Rubber Grip Safety Release Handle – it comes with a handle that is comfortable and safe to use at all times
  • Built-in Overload Protection Valve – avoids overloading which can damage your product
  • Meets ASME PALD Quality Standards – have peace of mind that you are using a quality product that is certified by respected organizations
  • Detachable Extended Neck – you have an option to use this for a higher or lower vehicle with its removable top exterior

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Torin T83006 Jack Review

This product has a rating of 9.0 out of 10 based from customer reviews. This is a great jack for its very affordable price. It does the job of lifting the vehicle up to the height that is most comfortable for you to get some work done. When this floor jack was delivered to the house, the customer checked the hydraulic oil and saw that it was running a bit low. The customer immediately went to an auto supply store to get some refill and didn’t have any problems after that.

The extended neck is indeed detachable, so you are able to use it with the other vehicles and not just the service truck. It makes it so much easier to do maintenance on the truck while using this product, which makes the customer really happy.

Things to Improve

The Torin T83006 service jack is a very sturdy floor jack that is built to last for a long time. However, there are customers who said that their jacks didn’t last longer than a month before it started leaking fluid.

There were also those who claimed that the rear wheels would come off because there were no bolts keeping it from doing so. These are only minor defects that can be covered by this product’s one year warranty.


This heavy-duty floor jack is strong enough to support up to 3 tons of load with its high grade steel material. Unlike other floor jacks, the Torin T83006 jack has a longer neck that makes it faster for you to lift vehicles with a higher clearance. If you wish to work on vehicles with a lower clearance, you will find that this neck is also detachable. This floor jack also comes at an affordable price.

This service jack is made well enough to have a decent rating among its consumers. If you have time, check out other best floor jack reviews.

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