Turbosmart TS-0203-1061 Blow Off Valve Review

The Turbosmart TS-0203-1061 is considered as one of the most phenomenal turbo blow off valves because of its ability to deliver outstanding performance. The reason behind this is the dual-port valve that has the capacity to stop surge loading engines. This feature is hailed by many users because it saves their engines from premature wear and other damages.

If you are looking for a turbo blow off valve that has dual ports, then you came to the right article. This device will give you all the benefits that you should get from a blow off valve. You will be ensured that you will be able to avoid lagging and cavitation. Aside from this, you will be happy to know that this is available in such an affordable price tag. Be prepared to benefit from this great device.

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Re-Circulated BOVs

Blow off valves are very important for turbocharged cars or vehicles. It contributes much to the longevity of turbochargers, making it last longer than expected. The valves automatically open up if the pressure boost is already enough. This happens in the pipes. The Turbosmart TS-0203-1061 has the pressure rec-circulate back to the intake. It takes place before the turbo.

This feature is best recommended when running a vehicle with Mass Air Fuel. This is because the air in the intake has already been accounted for by the Mass Air Fuel. If it escapes in the atmosphere, the vehicle will run too rich because the ECU thinks that the air is passed on the intake tract.

Another benefit of this feature is that the re-circulated air can be passed again to the turbocharger to force the pressure straight to the compressor wheel. This case helps in keeping the turbo running in between shifts. The built-in BOV is indeed a big help especially to vehicle owners.

O-Ring Sealed Piston

The rubber O-ring is used to maintain the sealing contact between the cylinder bore and the piston. The pressure can vary and it may even exceed up to 5,800 psi. This is a tremendous pressure indeed. The O-ring sealed piston is primarily used to increase the contact force. This makes it best for medium to heavy-duty applications.

This toric joint of Turbosmart TS-0203-1061 is assembled in a compressed way. This is also recommended for static and dynamic applications as well. The relative motion is taken into consideration when using rings sealed piston.

You can make use of this when you need to rotate pump shafts as well as hydraulic pistons. These O-rings are usually utilized for most machine designs. The reason is that it is easy to use and mount unlike other seals. They are also very inexpensive. If you would like a product that will be cost-effective for you in every aspect, then the Turbosmart TS-0203-1061 is the one that you should be looking for.

Turbosmart TS-0203-1061 Features and Specifications

  • Throttle response improvement
  • Turbo Management System – This is a special feature of the diverter valves. It has the capacity to reduce turbo lags.
  • Dual Ports – This makes the air vent into the atmosphere. Also, it helps in eliminating cavitation.
  • Sequential timing – This feature allows this to operate in a very quiet and smooth manner. This is best observed in normal driving operations.
  • Full bypass conversion – This can be done thru the port blanking.
  • 50:50 vented valve – This is the best choice for KKK and BorgWarner turbots.
  • O-rings sealed pistol

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Turbosmart TS-0203-1061 Reviews

This outstanding blow off valve gets a rating of 9.5. Turbosmart TS-0203-1061 deserves this rating because of its extraordinary performance. Many of the users are also very satisfied and happy with the benefits of this blow off valve. The feedbacks given are all very positive. One of these positive feedbacks is the easy installation. They liked the fact that they don’t need to spend long hours in installing it.

Another great factor why people continue availing it is its quiet operation. They can use it in their private spaces without receiving complaints of noise and disturbance from the neighbors. One user noted that he is able to work peacefully at night without waking the neighbors.

Things to Improve

One concern that should be improved is the boost. It should have been better if it is consistent until the end. Few of the users noted that this is the only concern they see with the Turbosmart TS-0203-1061. Nevertheless, this product is still considered as the best of the best by the users.


The Turbosmart TS-0203-1061 is an extraordinary blow off valve that can carry out maximum performance in cars. If you value quality and affordability, then this device will not fail you. It has the right combination of amazing performance with such an affordable price tag. This valve can handle optimum boost like no other. This is surely the best blow off valve in the market. Check it out and see for yourself.

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