Turtle Wax T-12KT Jet Black Endura-Shine Tire Coat Kit Review

When you need a shining coat for your tires, you might want to consider getting the Turtle Wax T-12KT Jet Black Endura-Shine Tire Coat Kit. Of course, there are also other products out there but what makes the Turtle Wax T-12KT special from the rest is because of how long lasting the coat stays.

There are many coatings for tires out there but many are not good enough to last long. It is tiring to coat the tires again and again, which is why it would be very helpful when you have a tire coat that will stay long enough until you are ready to coat it again.

If you’re a person who loves to take care of your tires and keep them in good condition, then the Turtle Wax T-12KT is a good choice. You can control the application of the shine and also control the amount of shine that you want your tires to have.

This product is perfect for conventional silicone products that you have. Not only does it give shine to your tires, but it can also improve the color. In the long run, the tires can fade in color and they would look worn out, you can control this by having a tire coat in hand.

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51tShiupCL 2The Power of Shine with Turtle Wax T-12KT

The Turtle Wax T-12KT is undoubtedly good in its performance. With just a few coats you can already see the difference that it makes on the tires that you apply them too. Old looking tires with faded colors look new again. Not only that but the Turtle Wax T-12KT can also restore the colors of the tires before. The colors of the tire coat can vary from black satin to high shine; this means that you have the choice to make your tires look semi-sleek to full on sleek.

With the help of the black tinted formula of the product, it helps hide the browning spots of the tires and making it look sleek black. You don’t have to worry anymore about discoloration on your tires since you can easily fix it now.

Basically, Turtle Wax T-12KT is something that you would want to get when you want the tires to have that classic wet-look. If you’re going for that final look on your tires, then this would be a great option to work with.

In addition, the product is very easy to use, you only need to use the cleaning products that are included in the kit and apply another layer of the coat when needed. It depends on when you want a simple wet look or a really glossy and sleek look for the tires.

Ease of Use of the Turtle Wax T-12KT

The next most important thing in a product that you wish to buy is that it should be easy to use. The Turtle Wax T-12KT gives you this exact option. You no longer have to worry about fixing various products in the kit in order to start coating.

The kit is complete with everything you need and the instruction can also be easily followed. You only need to clean the tires before coating it so that no dirt will enter between the tires and the coat layers. There will be an available cleaner in the kit to make your work easier. You will also find and applicator sponge as well as plastic gloves that you can use when you begin your first layers of coat.

Simply use the sponge when taking coats from the applicator and gently wipe it onto the tires. You should make sure that you know how many coats you have wiped so that you can have the same effect on one tire with the rest of the vehicle’s tires.

Owing to this, you can expect that the hob will be done sooner than you think. It is fast and easy and almost no hard work at all. Turtle Wax T-12KT is perfect for those who are always on the go and would want to shine their tires as quickly as possible.

Turtle Wax T-12KT J Features and Specs

  • It is able to last for months without washing off compared to others.
  • It has a new acrylic polymer technology which enables the coat to shine longer than silicone products do
  • You have absolute control over the level of shine you want your tires to have
  • It has a deep black satin to high shine coats that you can work with
  • It has a 16-ounce tire cleaner, applicator, glove and 8-ounce tire shine in the kit
  • No more discoloration on your tires because of its black-tinted formula

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Turtle Wax T-12KT J Reviews

The product is able to get 9 out of 10 stars from the customers. It also got a highly positive feedback from its customers. This is because of the effective shine that it is able to give the tires. The easy instructions also made the customers feel happy about using it.

This means that they understood the instructions and were able to control the shine which they coat to the tires. The black tinted formula as also another thing that made the Turtle Wax T-12KT J stand out from the rest, it made discoloration problems disappear.

Things to Improve

Apart from all the pros that one can get from the Turtle Wax T-12KT J, there are also some areas that need improvement. One is the longevity of its coat. It claims to be able to retain the color for a year but some customers didn’t agree otherwise.

It is able to retain its color for a few months, however, some have said that it didn’t last as long. It would also depend on the number of coats that you have given the tires as well as how often they are used. There are wear and tear factors that have to be considered as well.


The Turtle Wax T-12KT J is one product that you shouldn’t miss. It is highly effective and has minor flaws for a tire coat product. When you want something that is of high quality and can deliver up to their promises then you can never go wrong with the Turtle Wax T-12KT J. the easy usage of the tire coat will be a great help to you especially when you’re in an emergency and would like the coat to effect faster.

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