Uniden Atlantis 270 Marine Radio Review

The Uniden Atlantis 270 VHF Marine Radio is one of the best-selling marine radio systems in the market today. It is a two-way, 6-watt radio device that comes in a classic black color. Furthermore, it boasts a marine grade construction, making the product waterproof. Hence, you can use this tool despite the extreme weather condition and water current.

The Uniden Atlantis 270 also has an outstanding LCD display. Compared to the LED lighting, the LCD screen is not an eyesore, making it easier to use anytime. Thus, many people use it not only for sailing but also for hiking and camping.wide orange51JICUwqOL

Adjustable Power Wattage – A Unique Feature of Uniden Products

Uniden is known for its flexible output power, and this VHF marine radio is no exception. It lets you plug the radio anywhere, thanks to its adjustable power wattage. Hence, you can use this device wherever you may be. You simply need to bring the charger and plug it.

It Flaunts a Long-Battery Life With the Use of the Power Boost Key

Unlike the MHS75 that has a 12-hour battery life, the Uniden Atlantis can last up to 10 hours. Nevertheless, you can use this device for more than 10 hours. You simply need to use the power boost key. Its purpose is to prolong the battery life of the radio, making it ideal for both water and land adventures.

Uniden Atlantis 270 Features & Specifications

Apart from the features mentioned above, there are other things that you will get from the Atlantis 270. Here are some of them:

  • Floating Design – it is one of the best features of this product because it keeps the device float on the water. Hence, you don’t need to jump into the ocean just to find it. You simply need to pick it up and continue your journey.
  • Easy to Clean – when exposed to saltwater, chances are, it will accumulate the salt. But don’t worry as it is easy to clean. You simply need to wipe it off, let it dry, and it’s ready to use.
  • NOAA Weather Channels – it automatically alarms when the marine band radio receives a hazard alert. Hence, it will keep you safe from the extreme and life-threatening weather conditions.
  • Dual and Triple Watch Modes – it monitors up to two Coast Guard channels with one marine regular waypoint.
  • Weather Alert – it automatically mutes the handset while monitoring is in progress. The only time it produces a sound is if there are existing broadcasts on the channel that you’re tracking.
  • Emergency Channel Monitoring – it scans channels 16 and 9 within regular scanning periods.

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Uniden Atlantis 270 Reviews

The Uniden Atlantis 270 VHF receives 8 out of 10 rating from its users. Most of its buyers are satisfied with this system because of its communicative power. According to the user, it has a wide range and clear transmission-reception, making it easier to understand the audio.

Another buyer said that this handheld marine radio is easy to use. The features are self-explanatory hence, eliminating reading the user’s manual.

Things to Improve

There’s no such thing as perfect, including this device. Though many people claim that it is the best product they’ve got, it doesn’t mean that it is impeccable. Of course, it also has some flaws.

One of its issues is the charger. Yes, this Uniden marine radio meets the IPX7/JIS7 waterproof standards, but the charger does not. So to keep its good condition, you need to ensure that the charger is dry. Otherwise, you have to buy a new charger to use the handset.

Another setback is its overall condition. According to one of its users, the device breaks easily, especially if you drop it into the cement or ground. Hence, you need to use it with care if you are planning to use it on a camping trip.

But if you accidentally drop it on a hard surface, you don’t need to buy a new set. If your device is still under warranty, you may call the manufacturer. Uniden will gladly replace it with a new handset without payment. You simply need to wait for the arrival of the package.


The Uniden Atlantis 270 is a good portable boat radio with decent features. It has an outstanding adjustable transmit power, allowing you to plug it in different outputs. Furthermore, it has a 10-hour battery life, which is enough for long journeys in the water.

But in case of an emergency, you may use the power boost key. It prolongs the power of the battery, especially if you don’t have a power source.

No wonder why it is a recommended item to purchase for those who are into water adventures and sailing.

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