Uniden BC75XLT Police Radio Scanner Review

Scanners are in demand nowadays especially by the police. The Uniden BC75XLT is one of these devices that are really helpful in carrying out their activities. This device is very functional because it allows you to monitor if there is an incidence of fire. You can also communicate with the police department with the use of this scanner.

The good thing about this is its ability to communicate with the paramedics in case a life-threatening accident happened. This line of profession needs reliable devices like the Uniden BC75XLT in order to perform their duties well. You would surely love the functions of this scanner and the practical advantages that you could get from it.

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NOAA and Close Call Technology


This feature allows you to monitor the weather in real-time. If your work is in line with public service, you ought to have this handheld scanner with you. The signal could be transmitted all throughout the area. You should know that capturing or scanning frequencies is very difficult at times. With the Uniden BC75XLT, you don’t need to be frustrated anymore.

The Close Call Technology is designed to identify and locate local signals in an area. It can easily tune to signals around it without any problem. In fact, this serves as its edge among other scanners in the market. Its ability to identify signals makes it a very reliable and efficient device for professional use.

This technology also features the NOAA weather transmission that has the capability to deliver the latest weather updates on the dot. Another great thing that you will surely benefit from this device is its ability to store up to 300 programmed frequencies.

Conventional channels are also available in this feature. Another added feature is the ‘Do Not Disturb’ function used to avoid calls when you are in the process of transmission. This is an effective way in securely transmitting signal.

Programmable Memory

With all the scanner devices in the market, Uniden BC75XLT is indeed phenomenal because of its ability to program up to 300 frequencies. It is indeed a very convenient scanning device for professional use. This is perfect for tuning it for different events like air traffic and marine marshal.

Its capabilities are not limited there. Other frequencies are also covered like for races and local events. The channels could be programmed and this feature is very helpful for documentary purposes.

The good thing about this device is its ability to tune-in to the nearest point of transmission. This is also the reason why it is popular with the consumers. Little effort is needed in looking for transitions.

Together with this myriad of benefits, this scanner can be charged using a USB charger. This allows it to be charged through mobile phones using a USB adaptor.

Uniden BC75XLT Features and Specifications

  • Low Battery Notification – this feature reminds you if you need to charge your device.
  • Back-up Memory – this device allows you to store up to 300 programmable frequencies.
  • Lock-out feature – allows you to save the channels that you like while you are scanning.
  • Close Call Technology – effortless transmission for convergence.
  • Can be programmed using a computer.
  • Quick Search Function – used for setting your own frequency.
  • Turbo Searching mode – speedy searching feature.
  • Programmable software is available if you want to purchase it.

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Reviews and Ratings

The Uniden BC74XLT received a rating of 7 out of 10 from the customer reviews because of its remarkable features. There are many people who availed this handheld scanner primarily because of its close call technology. According to the reviews, they are very satisfied with the performance of this scanner.

Many of the users commended it for the easy transmission of signal. They also like the frequencies that are being transmitted. They are very informative and reliable. Both professionals and common people can utilize its many uses.

Another user noted that the reception of this device is indeed great. She was able to use it for a longer period of time without causing any problems. She also recommended it to people who loved rail fanning.

Things to Improve

The only minor problem that is observed on this device is the reception when it is charging. Some users reported that the reception is not good when they are charging. Actually, this is a common problem for most of the scanners. The signal and reception are really disrupted.

The solution to this is to let it charge without using because it charges faster that way. This is only a minor issue and it would not cause any effect on the performance of Uniden BC75XLT.


The Uniden BC75XLT is a lightweight handheld scanner that has the ability to receive nearby transmissions, especially in near proximity. It is very effective in making a great reception for professional use. The Uniden BC75XLT is a device to look out for. If you want to know more about it, check out the best police radio scanner reviews.

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