Uniden BCD436HP Police Radio Scanner Review

There are many scanners in the market, and if you are looking for a scanner that has the capacity to scan both digital and analog, then you are surely looking for Uniden BCD436HP. This scanner is considered as the best scanner out there because it is an epitome of simplicity but rich in features of a conventional radio scanner.

One of the features that you will surely like in this device is the Close Call RF Capture. It also has the capacity to activate GPS as well as discovery modes. For additional benefit, you can maximize the use of radio system analysis both for private and public use. You wouldn’t find it hard to use because the LCD display is larger than the other ordinary radio scanner. With all of these great features, this radio scanner will surely make its way to the top.

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Close Call RF Feature


This is a feature that everyone would find interesting in BCD436HP Scanner. This feature allows the scanner to automatically find the transmissions around the area. The device will be automatically in tuned with it. This is even great in closer proximity.

The good thing about this feature is that you don’t need to get frustrated with the reception because it will not get disrupted by the transmission. This technology will let you pick up any kind of transmission in your area. The reception is tremendously good, so expect different frequencies to come in tune with your radio scanner.

It also has the ability to make your device ready for radio communication. You don’t need to wait for any transmission to be picked up because BCD436 will automatically do it. This feature is indispensable especially to professional use.

The coverage of the frequency of a close call is limited depending on the bands that are covered by the radio scanner. This is the reason why BCD436HP is a great device in finding frequencies within an area.

Temporary Avoid Systems

Another feature that is well-noted with Uniden BCD436HP is the temporary avoid function. From the name itself, this feature lets you avoid or put the other unwanted systems into a silent mode. To put it simply, it will not allow other channels to disrupt the frequency you are currently in.

The good thing is you have an option to restore it if you like to. It will be brought back in its cycling power once you disable the temporary avoid system. This means that you have all the options for this function. This is a good feature to make sure that you are going to get proper transmission.

Uniden BCD436HP Features and Specifications

  • Easy Channel Selection – this device features an easy channel selection. You will find it easy to choose the frequency that you like using this function.
  • Range control – this function lets you check the distance that your scanner has to pick up frequencies for your list or database.
  • Programmable front panel – you can program your radio scanner based on your own preference.
  • Sentinel Software – this software is already installed upon purchase of this handheld radio scanner. It makes the update easier to accomplish.
  • USB Connection – you can connect it using a USB cable.
  • Discovery modes – this feature allows you to search for other channels and new frequencies as part of your new discoveries.
  • Analysis Mode – this mode contains the RF power plot as well as the trunked system analysis.
  • Instant replay – this feature allows you to view the recent transmissions within 4 minutes of playback.
  • Multi-Site Trunking – sharing for trunked systems.
  • Hundreds of quick keys – this feature let you enter your favorite lists.
  • Programmable LED – this feature offers you seven colors.
  • Encryptions – this feature lets you do the system number tagging.
  • Time stamping – used for date and time.
  • One-year warranty period

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Ratings and Reviews

If you are looking for a great radio scanner, then the Uniden BCD436HP is the one right for you. This handheld device currently received a rating of 7 out of 10 from the customer reviews. You can find many reviews about this device because it has a lot of buyers. Majority of the feedbacks are positive.

They noted that the device is very easy to use compared to other radio scanners in the market. For beginners, you need to do a bit of practice in order to get used to it. The programming can be a bit difficult at first, but it would soon be easy to follow.

One of the buyers noted that he was skeptic in using this device; however, when he finished with the programming part, he was so amazed by the wide array of features this device has. He liked the entire feature and is planning to maximize all of them.

Things to Improve

Some of the users noted that you will not be able to use all of the features unless you have the software installed. Most of these devices in the market need the software in order to unlock all the features.


If you are looking for a handheld scanner that has rich features for you to use then the Uniden BCD436HP is the right device to purchase. This is your perfect companion especially away from home. Check out the best police radio scanner reviews for more insights.

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