Uniden BCT15X Police Radio Scanner Review

Another innovation from Uniden is its Bear Tracker scanner. If you are looking for more innovation when it comes to CB radios, then this is the perfect device for your need. It has the features that can’t be found in other handheld scanners. Another remarkable feature of this scanner is the 2500 memory, which is a lot bigger compared to other scanners in the market.

When you avail this scanner, you would be surprised by the accessories included in the kit. It has an AC adapter and power cord. It also contains a mounting bracket with a push-on telescopic antenna. You will be amazed by the inclusion of a telescopic antenna that you cannot find in other handheld devices.

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Aesthetic Design


The BearTracker comes with a slim design with an elongated body. This makes it easier to carry around. It will not be bulky even if you put it in your pocket. You can find two knobs on its left for volume and squelch setting. You will like the design of the screen since it holds a lot of information. The frequencies and tone can be viewed at any angle you want.

When you look at the screen, it comes in orange color. You will not find it hard to see because of the bright illumination. Aside from this, you get to have a wide array of features that will surely be beneficial. You can also find keys assigned for different functions like programming and scanning.

There is a rotary knob meant to scroll on different functions. You can find below it a slot for connecting the computer cable. This is used for programming purposes. This also contains an earphone socket for hearing purposes.

The design of this handheld radio scanner is fit for the contemporary trend nowadays. It will give comfort and ease of use to all of the users.

Quick Keys Systems and BearTracker

This feature is one of the best features of Uniden BCT15X . It contains 100 keys that are meant for different functions. This is best recommended when you are going to make use of the monitoring system. These keys are used for faster transmission as well as more efficient multi-tasking.

A hold time can be assigned to each system. It can range from 0 to 255. While the system holds time increases, the duration of time in seconds also increases as it moves to other systems.

Aside from this, it is integrated with the BearTracker system. This is primarily used by the police to emit frequency from their cars that serve as a warning if there is an emergency situation. It is very helpful during times of urgent needs and emergencies.

The Close Call Technology is also included in this device. This has the ability to pick up the frequency of nearby transmissions. Police and other security forces will be able to communicate using their radios. This is an important feature for security and public safety purposes.

Uniden BearTracker Features and Specifications

  • Trunk Tracker III
  • 9000 channels – this mobile tracker contains up to 9000 channels. It is indeed a remarkable memory system.
  • Close Call RF Technology – this feature is meant for tuning-in nearby transmissions.
  • Location-based System – this automatically scans for frequencies and programs based on your current location.
  • Channel for Police – this feature is meant for security purposes. A state per state channel for police is available.
  • 100 quick system keys – this is meant for separating different channel groups. They can be assigned with different keys.
  • This device comes with 90 days warranty.

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Reviews and Ratings

The BearTracker was able to receive a rating of 7 out of 10 from the customers and users of this device. The majority of the reviews are positive. The scanner functions very well according to the users of this device. The features are greatly praised by the users of this device.

One user noted that the CTCSS decoding system is very outstanding. Aside from this, it also comes very handy. They can use it anywhere they go. Another user commended it for the quick keys systems. He is a police by profession and he praised the BearTracker for its efficiency. It has helped him a lot in performing his duties.

There are also reviews about the channels. All the channels and the services that he needs are contained in this radio device. All in all, the customers like the performance of this radio device.

Things to Improve

The programming is much easier using the computer. Some users noted that if you want to program it, it is advisable to make use of a computer. It is easier to do it rather than using the scanner for programming.


You can discover new features with the Uniden BCT15X mobile tracking. This is a remarkable mobile tracker that can be utilized though the use of the BearTracker system. You can find other user’s feedback in the best police radio scanner reviews provided here. This Uniden BearTracker will surely capture the market by storm.

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