Uniden Bearcat BC125AT Police Radio Scanner Review

In the field of scanners, the Bearcat BC125AT is primarily used for different events like racing and air shows. This radio scanner has been widely used for different functions. What makes it different from other scanners is that this is an analog device. It is hailed to be one of the most sought-after radio scanners in the market.

You will surely like the large LCD display of this device. If you compare it with other handheld devices, it has a bigger keypad that is very practical to use.

If you are the type of person looking for an analog radio scanner, the Bearcat BC125At is the perfect choice for you. This scanner is easy to operate and has very simple buttons. This is the reason why almost everyone can use it.

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Programming Feature


This handheld radio scanner is programmable.  You can actually do it by yourself simply by using the user’s manual included in the box. You can even choose to program the channels that you like.  You can maximize this by downloading the Uniden Software.  Programming it by hand could be tedious, but it is very possible.

If you want to program a channel that you like, you simply need to press the Hold button and locate an empty channel slot.  It’s simple, right?  If you would like to experience these remarkable features, then you ought to have the Uniden BC125AT.

Close Call Feature

The Priority DND function of this radio scanner is simply irresistible. The Do-not-Disturb mode allows you to execute transmissions without getting calls. In this way, the process will not be disrupted. The signal will be suppressed for a while until the transmission process is done.

The good thing about this is that you can put in different modes or functions. You can set it in Close Call mode or Close Call Do-not-Disturb mode. These selections are based on the user’s preference and need for a current setting. You should know that the Close Call mode is only going to scan the specific bands selected. It is not going to scan the channels that you have programmed.

As an added feature, you can choose the setting for the scanner notification.  You can set the LCD to light up, or you can make it sound a beep.  All of these settings can be customized by the user.  You can even use them together if you like.  This feature allows you to turn on different bands.

Another highly revered feature of Bearcat BC125AT is the Temporary Lock-out feature. This allows you to temporarily lock out the frequency you are currently in.  This is beneficial for radio scanners that don’t have the attenuation capability. You should note that all the channels that are subjected to temporary lock-out are all going to be unlocked after the succeeding power cycle.

Uniden Bearcat BC25AT Features and Specifications

  • Auto –Service Searches – this built-in feature allows the user to look for different services within the proximity.
  • Close Call Alert Function – allows you to choose from close call mode and close call do-not-disturb mode.
  • Alpha Tagging – this feature provides text tags for the channels.
  • Temporary Lock-out feature – this is used to lock-out the frequency you are currently in.
  • Direct Access – this feature allows you to go to any channel without difficulty.
  • Service Searches Feature – this is the access to different departments like banks, police, and hospital.
  • Priority Setting mode – this setting allows you to choose 10 of your favorite channels and set it in the priority list.

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Ratings and Reviews

The Bearcat BC125AT is rated 7 out of 10 by the users.  The signal it is able to pull is tremendously great according to most of the users.  Most of the reviews praised its temporary lock-out feature.  Reviews noted that they are able to maximize this feature.

The audio of this radio is good.  The users noted that it is able to produce loud and clear sound compared to other models in the market. Some of the radio scanners have choppy feedback because of the poor signal. The users of this handheld radio scanner praised it for its ability to produce clear sound.

If you are looking for coverage not more than 512 MHz, this is the perfect little radio for your need.  It is also very affordable.  The majority of the reviews consider this radio as worth every penny.

Things to Improve

If there is one thing to improve in this handheld radio scanner is the programming cable.  Upon availing of this radio device, the user needs to purchase a programming cable.  Another thing is the absence of battery indicator.  Nonetheless, this is just a minor issue and the Bearcat BC124AT is still a remarkable device.


When you are searching for a remarkable radio scanner, the Bearcat BC125AT is one of the recommended devices in this sense. This scanner is very easy to use and it has a myriad of rich features.  All of these make Bearcat BC125AT as one of the leading scanners in the market.  Check out the best police radio scanner reviews for more insights.

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