Uniden BEARCAT CB Radio Review

If you’re looking for one of the best radios that you can find on the market then you should definitely check out what the Uniden BEARCAT CB Radio has to offer, there are plenty of models out there however, you can only know what is the best when you’ve taken a look at its specs, its mechanisms and how it works.

The best part about buying radios is that you should go for those that offer new and better features. With models like these, you can expect things like larger screens, larger meters, better sound, better signal and good performance overall. Convenience should also be on top of your list and you don’t have to worry about that since the Uniden BEARCAT is sure to offer you these things and more.

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41UPjN93tL 2Improvements on the Uniden BEARCAT

When it comes to features, the Uniden BEARCAT is simply packed with it. You can find new and improved features that are better than other radios in the market. Of course, it would depend on your needs on what kind of radio you would want to get. The Uniden BEARCAT has a better memory scan that can detect channels that you skim through with little to no trouble at all. It is able to detect signal easily and would rid of the problem of having to go through your entire channel scan over and over again. It eliminates inconvenience when looking for the right channel when you are driving along the road.

In addition, the Uniden BEARCAT also offers a clarifier and a volume or squelch control. This minimizes the noise that is found then you turn up the volume on the radio. You can say goodbye to that irritating static sound that sticks with the channel even though you have found the right coordinates for it. The volume control also helps you tone up or down the radio when needed, in case you need to concentrate on your phone or on the road in front of you. The easy controls help to control the radio while driving and gives you more relaxation as well.

Exploring more on what the Uniden BEARCAT can offer

In addition to the volume and channel control, the Uniden BEARCAT can also hold the channels that you like with the position control. You can surf through 40 channels in AM and not miss a single one. It also has the ARF gain control as well as the instant channel 9/19 feature. You can also find the CB/PA switch that many are looking for in their radios as well as the microphone gain. The keys are etched in laser and the microphone cord has been added with extra length for ease of use. The channel indicator is also very helpful especially when you want to see which channel you’re on.

The adapter is around 6 pin to 4 pins and the Uniden BEARCATUniden BEARCAT is also proud to offer you the dimmer switch that functions for day and night situations. It’s a very useful product that you can take with you in your car and let it do its work with no hassle. It’s a portable and a comfortable radio to be using especially when you don’t want so much work to be done just to get to listen to your favorite channels clearly. This product is something that you should consider and weigh the pros and the cons.

Uniden BEARCAT Features

  • It has a weather band and alert with AM/SSb sideband capacity
  • It also has great connectivity where you can surf through channels of your choice
  • Can reach up to 40 channels
  • Has 9/19 instant channels
  • Comes in seven color displays
  • Has a noise canceling microphone
  • Includes a mounting bracket as well as a power cord
  • It also has a built-in signal as well as an SWR meter
  • You can expect full frequency display and PA function
  • Has a Mic and RF Gain controls as well as a noise blanker

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Uniden BEARCAT Reviews

The Uniden BEARCAT has received 9.5 out of 10 stars in reviews. It has gained pretty good feedback from the customers because of how easy it was to use. Drivers would want something that is fast and easy to install. When you have the Uniden BEARCAT it’s like being on the go and you don’t have to worry about anything since the unit itself has no problems being installed quickly.

Things to Improve

Even though installation is quite simple, some would recommend that there should be more wires so that there can be more function available. The present functions are great but can also use some revamp in the future. It gives a great performance and can be improved if additional features and functions are installed into it to give the other needs of drivers.


Overall, the Uniden BEARCAT is a good buy. You won’t regret getting good quality sounds and channels with this model. It is very portable, easy to install, easier to use and you will also love the absence of many wires when you are not a fan of hooking so many wires into your car.

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