Uniden BearTracker BCT15X Police Radio Scanner Review

When it comes to quality, the Uniden BearTracker BCT15X is at the forefront with its exceptional capabilities such as the GPS support system, advanced dynamic memory system, and the close call RF technology which can be found in almost all units from Uniden.

The unit also dons the temporary lockout feature, which makes it unlock certain channels when there is cycle power. For users who are not familiar with device programming, the gadget has preprogrammed channels per state for local police, DOT, and highway patrol frequencies.

The Uniden BearTracker can also be used to scan various wavelengths from various sources available nearby.wide orange

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These channels can be found on wavelengths continuously ranging from 25 MHz to 1.3 GHz (with some exceptions such as UHF TV). With the use of 100 fast key system access, users are able to browse channels and signals from non-Uniden sources.

The sources to which the BearTracker may intercept messages from include Motorola Type I and Type II, Type III Hybrid, Type II Smartnet, Type II Smartzone, Smartzone Omnilink, Type II VOC, LTR Standard, EDACS Standard, Narrowband, EDACS SCAT, and EDACS Networked.

Another scanning feature provided by the BearTracker BCT15X is the public safety scanner that, when complemented with the band scope and Close Call RF technology, will provide users with automatic programs related to emergency cases such as fire, medical and natural disasters.

TrunkTracker III Technology

Other than being able to scan messages and signals across various sources and various wavelengths, users are also able to enjoy the TrunkTracker III technology.

With the use of TrunkTracker technology, BearTracker BCT15X can intercept messages and signals from LTR, EDACS, and Motorola Systems. Paired with location-based scanning, the TrunkTracker technology will now be able to intercept local messages at will.

Uniden BearTracker BCT15X Features and Specifications

  • BearTracker scanner offering 9,000-scanning boosted by the built-in dynamic memory system and close-call RF technology
  • Motorola, EDACS, and LTR system interceptor through the TrunkTracker III technology
  • Programmed systems can be automatically tuned in through location-based scanning aided with compatible GPS receiver
  • Preprogrammed channels for emergency services such as police and highway patrol frequencies will be automatically programmed per state location
  • Number tagging for systems/programs/channels for easy access and switching
  • 100 system Quick Keys aided by 10-channel group Quick Keys per system

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Uniden BearTracker BCT15X Reviews

Reviews from users who gave BearTracker BCT15X an overall rating of 7.6 positively noted of the product’s capacity to hear messages from afar through the local signals available. Some users who are new to the use of mobile tracking scanner also highlighted that the product is easy to use.

Some advanced users noted that the product does not seem to have any need for reprogramming. With its built-in trunking technology, users will not need any installation of additional software in the device.

Others also noted that the BearTracker BCT15X can be used to capture all frequencies available in the air. This makes it particularly unique in the market, as some basic tracking scanner can only scan limited frequencies of signals.

Things to Improve

As any product in the market, the BearTracker BCT15X also a shortcoming. Some users complained about the device’s ergonomic features such as the small font used for the keypad and for the interface display.

This particular problem is minor and can be solved by reprogramming the device from the PC. Software for programming are available from the Uniden website. For the problem of the keypad, one may notice the exceptional backlight of the device which make up for the small characters used for the gadget.

This problem can also be solved with the use of the sounds available in the device itself. With every character typed, the device will produce a sound similar to the dial sound being heard from a telephone.


To conclude, the device can be used in almost any type of situation due to its capabilities such as the GPS Support system, dynamic memory system, and analog trunking. Close Call RF technology can also be found in the device for tracking signals from local transmission sites.

The device also boasts of the capability to continuously stream through various frequencies of signals available in the air. Coupled with TrunkTracker Technology and public safety scanner, the device can be used to detect signals that will alert the users especially during emergency cases.

The BearTracker BCT15X can also be used to intercept messages from two-way conversations. This can be done through the device’s TrunkTracker III technology which makes it compatible with LTR, EDACS, and Motorola systems.

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