Uniden HomePatrol-2 Police Radio Scanner Review

There are many radio scanners in the market and the Uniden Home Patrol-2 is one of the easiest to use. Not all people are familiar with using radio scanners. They even distinguish by its common name as a police scanner. Two-way communication is made possible through this scanner.

This device is fully equipped with radio technology. The great feature about this device is that it has a database that is already pre-programmed. If you are looking for simple and easy-to-use radio scanner then you should check out Uniden Home Patrol-2. Of all the scanners in the market, this is hailed as the most user-friendly of all.

It has the capacity to select and locate the active channels in a particular vicinity. Since this is a digital radio, it has the capability to follow communications in different technological platforms.

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Different Radio Modes


One of the most loved features of this digital radio is its versatility. You can treat it as an all-around radio scanner because it contains all the different modes of a radio scanner. This is a recommended radio for most of private and professional uses.

Only a few of the radio scanners in the market are able to decode the APCO P25, and the Home Patrol-2 is one of the few that can. Aside from this, it can listen to different radio traffics. It can receive signals from different services like police, fire, and paramedics.

The Home Patrol-2 is very easy to program, unlike other radio scanners. The interface is also very easy to understand. You won’t have a hard time in understanding it even though you are not yet familiar with these radio scanners. The touch display is also colored, making it very appealing to the eyes of the users.

To make it really user-friendly, it only has two physical buttons: one for the volume and the other one is for the power button. You won’t be confused with the clutter of buttons.

Scanning Mechanism

There are many dispatch systems available in this device. It has the law, fire, paramedics, EMS, and others. It is very easy to set it into scanning mode. You can listen to traffic that cannot be streamed to other handheld devices.

The Home Patrol-2 is what you need if you want to get updated on the latest news and happenings around you in real-time. It will surely give you the latest report regarding the traffic or even the accident that happened just seconds after you heard it. Those are just a few of the benefits of having a reliable scanner at hand.

Another feature that you would surely love is the recording setting. All you need is to press the record button and you’re off to go. Aside from this, the reception is very reliable. Well, of course, it will still depend on the reception of the area you are in.

This device has simplified the radio technologies that are harder to understand. Most of the radio scanners in the market are hard to decode. This is one of the edges of Home Patrol-2. This is indeed a great digital radio to have.

Uniden Home Patrol-2 Features and Specifications

  • Very simple to program – channels are easy to find using the programmable feature of this device
  • Replay – it has the ability to do an instant replay. This setting allows you to review the recording
  • Communication on APCO P25 and other V trackers
  • Weather alerts and notifications
  • Ability to Record and Playback
  • Easy to program the channels

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Reviews and Ratings

This digital radio scanner of Uniden amazingly received a rating of 7 out of 10. Many users availed this product because of its simplicity and ease of use. Another factor why many consumers endorse it is because of the remarkable colored touch interface. Not all radio scanners in the market are built like this.

According to most of the user reviews, everything that you need is contained in the box. They like the fact that this is an all-purpose digital radio scanner. They also praised it for the good reception it has able to deliver.

One of the best things that they noted with this device is the scanning mechanism. It is such remarkable that real-time updates are only one click away. They also noted that the colored touch screen is very appealing to the eyes.

Things to Improve

According to some users, there are times that the Home Patrol-2 tends to have a slow response. The screen has a delayed reaction at times. This problem actually happens to most programmable radio scanners. The simple solution is to install only the needed programs and not to overload it.


If you are looking for a radio scanner that has been digitalized and with a new set of features, then the Home Patrol-2 is the best option for you. You would surely love its scanning features and programming capabilities.

If you are interested to know more about the Home Patrol-2, check out the best digital radio scanner review and be amazed at its capabilities.

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