Uniden PRO520XL 40-Channel CB Radio Review

The Uniden Pro520XL 40-Channel CB Radio is a really good machine that will help you establish good communication. Having a good communication device is important, especially if you are in really far away areas. If you get lost, this will allow you to contact authorities. This is also a good item to use to communicate with people from your team, especially when you are out on the field.

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516WJICVQpL 240 Channel Operation

The Uniden PRO520XL can go through 40 AM channels that are FCC (Federal Communications Commission) authorized. It also gives you good frequency control, as it has a superheterodyne circuit with phase locked loop technology. It is quite beneficial because it can be quite annoying when you try to focus the signal on a particular channel. With this feature, you don’t have to go through all of the effort. You can also immediately access emergency channels, which is a must especially when you are going to really secluded areas.

ANL Switch

Another big issue with other radios is that you have to deal with annoying background noise. These noises will really distract you from listening to or communicating with a particular channel. The Uniden Pro520XL contains an ANL or Automatic Noise Limiter. This feature helps in improving weak-signal receptions. It is also good at getting rid of background noise especially when you open the doors of your car.

Uniden Pro520XL Features and Specifications

  • Contains 40 Channels
  • Front Mount Microphone
  • 4 Watt Audio Output
  • Contains Superheterodyne Circuit/Phase Locked Loop – allows for good frequency control
  • Built-In Automatic Noise Limiter And Auto Squelch – Gets rid of pesky background noise while you’re trying to establish a connection.
  • Signal/RF Meter and LED Indicators – Allows you to look out for any activity. It also gives you instant access to channel 9, especially during emergency situations.
  • Can Be Turned Into A PA System – With the use of external speakers, you can utilize the PA/CB switch. This feature is important especially if you are with a group of people. It will also come in handy during emergency situations.
  • Front-positioned microphone With Extra Cord

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Uniden Pro520XL Reviews

This radio has gotten a lot of positive feedback. Many people praised its good signal reception. One user commented that it was quite easy for him to install this device, and that it looked good and modern in his vehicle. He also used an antenna kit that allows him to get even better reception.

Other users commented on how it was able to combine radio with modern technology. It is important that the radio is able to do the work that it’s supposed to do and it’s quite commendable that it did deliver.

All in all, it’s a pretty good device to use and its sleek, modern design and features enable you to enjoy the advantages of a radio without looking so outdated. This device got a lot of positive reviews and is scored at 8.9/10.

Things To Improve

The Uniden PRO520XL got a lot of positive reviews; however some people found some things that needed improvement. One person commented that the ANL switch was really useful, but it can sometimes dull out the person from the other end. This can be remedied if you use external speakers. Another little hiccup is that its range is not as powerful without the support of a good antenna. However, it’s still worth the purchase since an inexpensive radio like the Uniden PRO520XL (that’s attached to a good antenna) will work just as great as the expensive units that are available in the market.

Another user also commented that the unit has a small microphone cord and it might take some time before you get used to it. This can be fixed if you install the unit that will allow you to use the microphone in a more comfortable way. All in all, the problems that were found in this device are quite fixable and many of users will still recommend this device regardless.


The Uniden PRO520XL is a pretty useful tool that you can install in your car as a mode of communication. You can even use this at home with just a few enhancements here and there. You can never go wrong with a unit that’s as good as this one. At the end of the day, you need to rely on a device that will give you good reception, especially when you are in far away areas. It enables you to contact people during emergency situations. Once you’ve purchased this product, you will see why it’s getting a lot of good feedback.

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