Unique Imports 3501 Jumper Cable Review

Unique Imports 25-Foot Jumper Cables are another highly rated booster cable for people who want to replace their poor-performing jumper wires on hand. The product is a commercial-grade solution that is also designed with material that could resist various changes in temperatures. In other words, you may utilize the product even in extreme climates. The clamps are also manufactured to avoid rusting. The booster cables are also highly flexible as supported by its stranded wire quality.

If you are looking for a greatly performing booster cable that gives extra leverage, this is an option to take regard of. It is even designed with bright color, which makes the cable visible even at night.

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Heavy-Duty Plastic Insulation

This is one of the top features of the booster cables, which makes the product a high-performing one regardless of the climate or environmental condition. Through this attribute, it is capable of resisting external factors that may damage the overall quality of the wires. It has thermal stabilizers and carbon inhibitors, which are ideal to reduce condensation and buildup of heat, among others.

Since there is heavy-duty plastic insulation in the booster cable, you do not have to worry about tear protection. Moreover, this feature keeps the cables usable for longer periods for the product became more durable and difficult to damage.

High-Quality Clips

The clips attached to the jumper cables are similarly important for these are also responsible for the transfer of power. Fortunately, with Unique Imports 25-Foot Jumper Cables, you would have a heavy-duty set of clamps that are ergonomically designed. The structure of booster cables’ clips is very safe, which is crucial if you want to jumpstart your vehicle without accidents.

In addition, the clamps of the jumper cables could work in extreme temperatures, keeping you from worries that even if your engine heats up extremely, the wires could still make your engine start. The clips are also very easy to use. You simply need to connect it in accordance to the positive and negative poles. Afterwards, you plug the cable’s cord to start the vehicle.

Without selecting a high-quality set of clamps, the cables would not be able to carry the electrical current to a dead battery. Although it is a small part of the booster cable, its incapacity could lead to failure.

Unique Imports 25-Foot Jumper Cables Features and Specifications

Unique Imports 25-Foot Jumper Cables have a length of 25 feet with one gauge. The booster cable has an amperage of 800 with tangle-free cords. You may use it in extreme cold and heat. The dimensions of the jumper cables are 16 inches by 10 inches by 6 inches. Its cumulative weight is 10.7 pounds.

To know more about the product, the following are its other great features:

  • Sufficiently Powerful – Other than small engines, it could also work for boats, big rigs, buses, and tractors effectively.
  • Extra Long – Compared with other booster cables, this is extremely long at 25 feet, making you have no reason to worry about powering up a battery at a distance.
  • No Short Danger – The clamps of the jumper cables are designed with hinge pins and heavy-duty plastic insulation, guaranteeing that no short would take place.
  • Soft and Flexible – The jumper cables are different from its counterparts in a way that they are not too hard to use. This makes your jumpstart operation more manageable.
  • Carry Case Available – You could conveniently carry the booster cables since there is a bag included in its package. This also supports an easier storage in your car or home.
  • Cheap – It is indeed true that these jumper cables are affordable, giving you lower investment requirement for a high-quality booster.

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Unique Imports 25-Foot Jumper Cables Reviews

The editor’s rating for Unique Imports 25-Foot Jumper Cables is 9.2 out of 10.

Many have admired how durable the jumper cables are from its cords to clamps. Its materials made it flexible yet completely sturdy even for extreme duty applications. Though it is quiet heavy, many consumers commended the fact it offers more cranking power even if you are at a distance from the dead battery. In addition, the mostly positive feedbacks highlighted how easy it is to start up a battery in seconds, even the big trucks for that matter, using the booster cables.

The consumers also preferred the fact the cables are extremely beefy, which make them highly resistant to probable damage. They even compared the booster cable with a welding cable, declaring that it is better in general.

Things to Improve

The few low-rated reviews of the booster cable’s buyers or existing users emphasized how small the clamps are. This may be an aspect for improvement but became extremely helpful in working under small cars’ hood.


Overall, Unique Imports 25-Foot Jumper Cables are a great product as backed by its positive reviews, making it deserving to be among high-rated booster cables to use today.

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