Unitec UNI007B Speed Blaster Review

Unitec UNI007B Speed Blaster is one of the most effective tools in removing rust, scale, and corrosion. It eliminates the use of siphon or tubes that easily clog. It has a reservoir tank that is fed by gravity and designed with a safe venthole. The Speed Blaster works alongside blast media not over 14 grit.

The sandblaster is conveniently designed with lightweight and ABS material. It can even be stored it in a toolbox drawer after use. It requires compressed air to force a hardened steel mixing chamber. You can choose from its futuristic neon colors depending on your preference.

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Quick Sandblasting Job

Unitec UNI007B Speed Blaster is one of the quickest sandblasters to buy. It has a short setup time requirement. You simply need a compressed air hose for it is already gravity-fed. You will not even need supply lines or tanks to operate it.

You can even set the tool to work based on the situation. The sandblasting is done in the shortest time possible for it has a durable built that holds the sand in a steel mixing chamber. There is no jam or bunching to worry about while sending the sand. Unlike siphon systems, it does not absorb abrasive from below.

The operating pressure of Unitec UNI007B Speed Blaster ranges from 60 to 100 pounds per square inch (PSI). Alternatively, its working pressure is from 70 to 100 PSI. Air consumption is 10 cubic feet per minute (CFM) to 100 PSI. The minimum air compressor rate is three horsepower (HP).

Gravity Fed Sandblasting

The utmost convenience and effectiveness of a sandblaster is available with the Unitec UNI007B Speed Blaster. It has a gravity-fed mechanism which will simply dribble out sand from the nozzle when it is turned on. If you want to clean a piece from rust and paint completely in as short as seconds, gravity sandblasting is an option.

Gravity-fed sandblasting does not require a large amount of air. This is proven by its air consumption of just 10 CFM. Some sandblasters may still work with less air. The tool can even remove several layers of paint or rust.

Unitec UNI007B Features & Specifications

  • Quick and high quality sandblasting
  • Fully adjustable material control valve meters
  • Gravity fed operation
  • Less hassle operation
  • Contains grade alumina ceramic nozzle
  • Lightweight
  • Available in bright neon colors

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Unitec UNI007B Reviews

The sandblaster received an editor’s rating of 8.6 out of 10.

Unitec UNI007B Speed Blaster is a proven effective sandblasting tool as per its positive reviews. According to the clients’ feedbacks, the tool works even for small jobs. It is applicable for small automobile rust sports, light fixtures, and snowmobile exhaust parts. Since it is gravity-fed, its previous users found that it indeed operates at an upward angle.

If you prefer doing a lot of blasting, this is also recommended by the reviews. It is very simple to use. You simply have to point and trigger like using a mechanical gun. Although it has a compact size, it could blast even large spaces.

According to sandblasting tool buyers, it is equipped with proper nozzle, making it highly recommended. Even if it requires a steady flow of air, you simply have to let its good compressor do the work of building up the pressure.

In terms of price, there is no complaint from the buyers. It works as it should. Since it has a compact build, it perfected the purpose of completing small jobs. At present, it is difficult to find a small blaster that puts enough force to require the use of head protection gear.

Things to Improve

There are more positives than negatives relative to the Unitec UNI007B Speed Blaster’s overall performance. The customers simply suggested improvements, such as in terms of its capacity to accommodate big projects. It could be better if it is applicable for blasting bigger pieces. Nonetheless, it is an effective sandblasting equipment.

It could be more efficient if the sandblaster also works in highly humid places. In contrast, it is still usable, particularly if you have a dry air provider. In addition, no matter what your environment temperature is, it could still be utilized at home.


If you want to get rid of the mess in your house easily by sandblasting, Unitec UNI007B Speed Blaster is a good choice to consider. Most of its reviews recommend it for small jobs, such as lawn ornaments cleaning, engine blocks blasting, and hood rust removal, among others. If you usually do not have ample time for house chores, it is an effective option. In just a matter of minutes, you can get rid of paint, rust, and hardened dirt.

You may need other products to choose from, which is why you are free to check out other best sandblaster reviews.

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