Usage of 12 Volt Air Compressor

For light air compressor jobs a 12 volt one is a popular choice. Large industrial compressors run on natural gases because using electricity to power lots are large compressors can be expensive. However, for small household jobs 12 volt air compressors are recommended.

12V models work in the same way as other air compressors. The only real difference is the power behind the emitted air. 12 volt compressors release just the right amount of air needed for household jobs. It is of great importance that whatever 12 volt air compressor you buy that it is certified by the ASME. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) makes sure all compressors are tested for safety and are secure to use.

ATV lovers are particularly fond of 12 volt air compressors, especially as there are now special adapters to charge them using the cigarette lighter of the vehicle. As many off-roaders need to use equipment when far away from power outlets this is a great feature.

There are lots of other jobs you can tackle with a 12 volt air compressor. Many attachments are available to turn it into a useful bit of kit around the home. You can power spray guns, staple guns; even dust in hard to reach corners.

Owning an air compressor is really useful if you use it all the time but if you only need one occasionally there are places in which you can rent one. Make sure you only rent compressors that have been ASME certified.