Vacmaster Vbv1210 Shop Vac Review

Vacmaster Vbv1210 is a combination of two great tools in one. It can be used as a vacuum or as a blower. A push of a button is all that is required for easy vacuum-to-blower conversion. Moreover, it has many accessories that are easy to assemble which can be used for thorough cleaning.

This vacuum can handle all types of debris, making it an ideal vacuum for home, garden, patio, garage, and vehicles. It can handle dry debris like dust, hair and cobwebs, and wet cleanups like sink clogs and liquids spills. For this reason, it is considered as one of the best multi-functional vacuums.

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Efficient and Easy to Assemble

Vacmaster Vbv1210 is durable that can last a long time because of the material where it is made from. This cleaning device is made from polypropylene material with high-quality casters. The apparatus runs on five horsepower motor which is powerful enough to do all kinds of cleanup jobs.

The product includes many accessories which take only a few minutes to assemble. There’s no need to worry about where to store them because the vacuum has an onboard storage on the casters and on the power head. One of these accessories is the 12-foot cord, which is long enough to give the user a wider cleaning range.

There are available attachments for cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as the ceiling and the underside areas of seats and furniture. These attachments include extension wands and dedicated cleaning tools for floors and crevices.

The vacuum’s handle is sleek and provides portability. For this reason, the cleaner can penetrate the places with less space like cars and small rooms. The dust-sealed power on/off switch is used for easier and smooth operation.

Moreover, the vacuum has the ability to hold a huge amount of accumulated debris or water in its 12-gallon tank. The large drain port on the underside allows immediate drainage of the collected cleanups eliminating the cleaning downtimes.

In addition to that, this apparatus is backed by a two-year warranty.

Easy Conversion From Vacuum to Blower

Vacmaster Vbv1210 is designed to perform two functions. It can be used as a vacuum or as a blower. With just a flick of a button, the vacuum mode can easily convert to blower mode. The blower’s air speed can reach up to 210 MPH.

Moreover, the user may press the quick-release button option to detach the leaf blower from the vacuum. Its portable feature gives the user much freedom to move around.

Vacmaster Vbv1210 Features and Specifications

  • The blower is detachable and has a speed of 210 MPH.
  • Large dust sealed on or off switch.
  • A complete package – the whole set includes 12-foot cord with cord wrap, 7-foot hose, car nozzle, two extension wands, crevice tool, blower nozzle, 8-inch utility nozzle, blower adapter, noise diffuser, reusable foam sleeve, and cartridge filter.
  • Sleek top handle design with 5-horsepower motor.
  • 12-gallon polypropylene canister and a large drainage port.
  • A warranty that lasts up to two years.

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Vacmaster Vbv1210 Reviews

Vacmaster Vbv1210 received an Editor Rating of 8.8 out of 10. Users love the vacuum’s versatility because it can be used either as a vacuum or as a blower. In addition to that, according to some users, the product is one of the quietest vacuums they ever had. They also admire its powerful suction and blowing capabilities.

People praise the product for its portability and range of areas where it can clean. Many users say that this product is efficient. They recommend that it can even be used to clean tons of debris after a house renovation or reconstruction.

Things to Improve

The most prominent minor downside of Vacmaster Vbv1210 is its bulkiness. Its 12-gallon tank makes up the most of its size. For this reason, most users find it hard to store the cleaning device in a closet. They also find it hard to move the vacuum around because of its size.

Also, there’s no way to store the power cord. The only thing that one can do is to wrap it and store it in the vacuum’s tank after use. Just make sure that the tank is dry.

The huge canister is also one of this vacuum’s strongest features. Because of the cleaner’s large tank, the users are able to collect tons of debris without the need to empty it frequently. Furthermore, there are two extension wands available that extend the hose to clean hard-to-reach areas.


Vacmaster Vbv1210 is recommended for people who are looking for a vacuum that can collect a huge amount of debris. It is also ideal for people who want an all-purpose vacuum that can be used as a blower. This product is recommended for home, garden, garage cleaning, and car cleaning.

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