VCAN 210 B1 F BLK XL Bluetooth Motorcyle Helmet Review

The VCAN Blinc 210 Full Modular Helmet is a high-quality helmet that boasts its security and protective features. With all the vehicular accidents involving motorcycles around the world, helmet proves to be the most important factor in the prevention or mitigation of head injury.

The VCAN Blinc modular helmet is DOT-approved. It is made up of a very light advanced thermoplastic component. It is aerodynamically shaped for less wind noise and buffeting, which helps in lessening the stress on the rider’s neck after a very long ride.

Aside from the head protection properties, this helmet also comes with a fully equipped Bluetooth 2.0 technology which can be linked with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

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Bluetooth and Intercom Technology

One of the best features of the VCAN Blinc 210 helmet is the improved Bluetooth technology that comes with it. You can sync this with you Bluetooth cellphone or gadget so you can talk on the phone even while driving. It can also let you listen to music or GPS directions very clearly.

It has two speakers with continuous talk time of up to 15 hours while standby time can reach up to 600 hours. If you have two of this helmet, you can utilize its intercom feature and have a rider to passenger or passenger to rider communication. This can also be used as a 2-way communication device within 10 meters.

It also has a built-in noise cancellation microphone, waterproof controls, and self-adjusting volume.

Safety First

This helmet’s priority is the rider’s safety. The VCAN Blinc 210 is composed of very light materials that are really durable. Thus, even if it’s very lightweight, the helmet is really tough and can withstand impact. You’ll feel secure knowing that your helmet can guarantee you the protection you need.

There are also metal pins and hooks that are utilized in the face cover lock mechanism. This will make it very resistant in opening in case of an accident. The sun visors are also scratch-proof to keep your vision clear while driving.

This DOT-certified helmet has an aerodynamic design that cuts through the wind to optimize your speed while keeping you safe. Since it is very lightweight, you can feel the comfort even when having a very long travel and it will not hurt your neck.

VCAN 210 B1 F BLK XL Features and Specifications

  • Lightweight and very comfortable helmet with advanced thermoplastic shell
  • Metal latch lock mechanism to increase safety
  • Improved Bluetooth 2.0 compatible with any Bluetooth-capable device also comes with noise cancellation microphone
  • Glove-friendly and waterproof controls
  • Rechargeable battery gives continuous talk time of 15 hours of and standby time of up to 600 hours
  • Includes a retractable visor to protect your eyes from the sun

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VCAN 210 B1 F BLK XL Reviews

This helmet has a 7.4/10 Editor Rating. One of the riders who has tried this helmet commented that people on the other end of his phone call state that they have no problem understanding him clearly even when he’s driving.

According to the rider, the Bluetooth device on it is also very easy to use with a single press of a button to answer phone calls, another press on that same button to hang up, or a double press on that same button to redial the last number you have called.

Another rider praised its battery life stating that he had up to 6-hour trips and the VCAN Blinc 210 Bluetooth helmet has never once failed him. It stayed charged for the whole duration of his travel time, thus making his travel really enjoyable.

Things to Improve

One minor complaint is that there are sometimes some wind noises even when the vents are closed. One rider thinks that the design of the vents probably contributes to the whistling effect he hears from time to time. However, it’s still quiet in general.

All in all, this helmet is really one of the best Bluetooth helmets in the industry today with all the best features it can offer at a very reasonable price.


The VCAN Blinc 210 Full Modular Helmet is DOT-certified, which means it has the best protection for you and at the same time, it can let you communicate better through its Bluetooth headset. You no longer have to shout when trying to communicate with your passenger or fellow rider through the use of the intercom device. It can let you make phone calls, listen to music or GPS directions while enjoying your motorcycle ride.

In short, you can feel safe while being entertained at the same time through this helmet. It’s an all-in-one package for motorcycle travelers.

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