VCAN 210 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Review

The VCAN Blinc 210 will surely promote safety and connectivity. It is available only in one color which is black. You have the option to choose between matte or shiny finish. The reason why it has only one style is because it doesn’t prioritize the look, it is more concerned with the safety of the wearer.

This helmet is also good in providing entertainment to the wearer because of the Bluetooth 2.0 Technology. You can enjoy the GPS and phone call features of this helmet. Another feature is the noise-cancelling microphone that can give you a quality call experience by lessening the noise while you are on a call.

This helmet is hailed as one of the best Bluetooth helmets in the market because of the myriad of features and benefits you can get from it.

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Bluetooth 2.0 Technology

This Bluetooth Technology is one of the best technologies in the helmet industry. You can enjoy its GPS feature for location purposes. You will surely find your way around easier through the use of this feature. It is also advisable to have this feature to avoid getting lost. Aside from this, you have the capability to detect other riders who are also using the same technology. You can communicate with them in case you need help.

Like all other helmets, the VCAN Blinc 210 is capable of doing calls. You don’t need your hands in order to make a call. You can talk for several hours because of the two speakers included in it. The microphone will ensure that you will have a quality call by reducing the noise of your surroundings. This feature is needed if you have a bike that causes loud noise.

The speakers allow you to talk up to 15 hours without stopping. This is indeed remarkable when it comes to communication purposes. The standby mode can reach up to 600 hours. The best thing about it is that you can communicate with other riders privately who are using the same helmet as yours.

Resistant Face Cover

It was mentioned that this helmet values safety more than the style. You will be relieved to know that this helmet is DOT approved. This means that the quality is indeed great. You can use this for longer driving experience because it is so comfortable to wear. Another thing, the helmet is very lightweight so you will not feel any pain or strain on your neck and head. Here is the main highlight of this helmet. The face cover is resistant to all kinds of impact. It will ensure that your head is safe from serious injuries. The debris would not be able to hurt your head because of this durable helmet.

If you are looking for a helmet that would satisfy all your safety needs, as well as provide entertainment, the VCAN Blinc 210 is what you need. You will surely appreciate all the features it has to offer you.

VCAN Blinc 210 Features and Specifications

  • Lightweight and comfortable – this helmet provides comfort because it is very light when worn.
  • Bluetooth 2.0 Technology – allows pairing with mobile phones and other helmets with the same Bluetooth technology.
  • Two speakers – it can handle up to 15 hours of call.
  • Microphone system – it can produce very clear audio for phone call purposes.
  • GPS – this is used for location purposes. It is very convenient when traveling alone.
  • Black helmet design – this helmet has an all-black design. It can be matte or flat style.

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VCAN Blinc 210 Reviews

The VCAN Blinc 210 has received a rating of 7 out of 10 from the customer reviews. Most of the users appreciate the simple black design of this helmet. According to them, the look is very classy and professional. Aside from that, they are happy to know that the maker is more concerned with the user’s safety more than anything else.

One user mentioned that the Bluetooth 2.0 technology is very reliable. Even though he is alone, he can still communicate with anyone. He feels confident setting off with this helmet on whenever he needs to go on a long trip.

Another buyer of this helmet also noted that he is able to maximize the use of its anti-resistant face cover. He feels safe even though he needs to go on a long journey. He is encouraging everyone to use this helmet for added safety.

Things to Improve

The VCAN Blinc 210 is a remarkable helmet because of its inclusion of modern technology. Users are very happy with this helmet. The only thing that they would like to improve is the design. It would be better if it will be available in different colors.


The VCAN Blinc 210 is the helmet to have if you are very conscious of safety. This helmet will surely offer you an added security and relief while using it. You can check this best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet for your own reference. Reviews are also included to help you in your decision-making.

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