Viair 00077 77P 12-Volt Air Compressor Review

The Viair 77P is a new compact design for an air compressor. Although it is smaller in size, its power cannot be underrated because it is definitely an inflator that delivers. This compressor has the ability to inflate 225/65/R18 tires without any problem. All you need is to plug it into your cigarette lighter port. In order to monitor the pressure of your tire, there is a display provided at the side of the compressor that shows how much pressure is already released.

It also comes with an LED light to increase visibility. You will definitely find it easy to work during wee hours because of the illumination you could get from it. Still not convinced? Then you should also look at its specifications. It can operate with 12-v appliances and can carry up to 30 PSI. This is indeed one of the high-end air compressors in the market.

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Illuminated Pressure Display

It is important for car and vehicle owners to always monitor the pressure of tires to ensure optimum car performance. It can also help in lowering the risk of accidents. The Viair 77p is created with an illuminated Pressure Display to show the current pressure of the tires. This feature is very important in keeping your tires in shape.

The display is equipped with an LED light for greater visibility. You can continue monitoring the pressure 24 hours a day. The LED light of this compressor can also be used as a guide light when you work. Not all compressors are created with guide lights. This compressor is recommended for quick inflation needs.

Vibration Isolator Features

One of the notable features of the Viair 77P is its ability to isolate vibration. You might be wondering what this feature means. It is actually a process of isolating an object from a direct source of vibration. Vibrations are usually bothersome with equipment and machines whenever you work.

The Viair 77p has a flexible support for any kind of vibration. This feature reduces the vibration of the device while it is on. It is natural for objects to vibrate when impact is applied and it also happens with this compressor. However, its features make the machine stable. In order to make it more efficient for you, this compressor makes your working experience very comfortable and free from vibration.

If you are looking for a compressor that has the ability to reduce vibrations, then Viair 77P is the right one for you. It will be surely be the best unit for this purpose because it is considered a transportable air compressor.

Viair 77P Features and Specifications

  • LED light – This feature allows more visibility and guidance while working. It makes it possible for you to work on your tasks even at night time.
  • Illuminated Pressure Display – This unit can display the pressure of the tire. It makes it possible for you to monitor the pressure of the tire. It also displays the current pressure of the tire.
  • Automatic Shut-Off – After use, this compressor automatically shuts off to preserve energy. It also prevents overheating and exploding of the fuse.
  • Vibration isolation – This unit has the ability to isolate vibrations from its source. It helps in keeping the machine stable while on the job.
  • Deluxe Carry Bag – Since this is a high-end compressor, it comes with a premium canvas bag that looks cool and classy.
  • Power plug – It also comes with a power plug as part of the kit.

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Viair 77P Reviews

We will award a rating of 8.5 out of 10 to this sport air compressor. Viair 77P definitely deserves a high rating because of the special features included in the package. Many users of this compressor acknowledge the vibration isolator feature. According to them, they are able to work comfortably without the bothersome vibration.

Users noted that this pump is very quiet and will definitely not disturb others while you are using it. Another thing is that the LED light is very useful for most users because they use it mostly at night. It has a nice touch and gives off ample illumination. Overall, this compressor is indeed a good find.

Things to Improve

One of the things that should be improved in this compressor is the occasional blowing of its fuse. The maker should improve the pressure gauge to avoid this problem. It is also important to make the pressure gauge work properly to ensure maximum tire pressure.

There are many good features that this compressor has, and a minor fuse problem will not underrate the positive features of this air compressor. Overall, this is still a recommended compressor when you are on the go.


The Viair 77P is a high-end compressor that you can take wherever you need it. It allows you to maximize your tasks by offering solutions to most of the dilemmas experienced in air compressors. It provides quality performance in inflating tires with the right pressure. If you are looking for the best portable compressor, then Viair 77P should be included in your options.

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