Viair 90P Portable Air Compressor Review

The Viair 90P is one of the most leading corporations in the air compressors & air accessories industry. They offer numerous DC oil-less machine that compress air. This unit is one of their most prominent items because this flexible and compact air up system cover an extensive variety of users. You can use the Viair 90P to fill the tires of your automobile apart from that you can use this it to pump up game balls too.

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VIAIR 90P Features

This little and portable oil-less air compressor can inflate up to 31-inch tires. This cylinder, sort compressor can blow up a 31″ tire from 0-30 PSI in under five minutes. Besides, it only takes under 3 minutes to pump up the tire from 15-30 PSI. As per a few holders, this model functions admirably for 33-inch tires. Then again, in the occasion that you want to employ it for utilization on larger than usual tires you may need to venture up to a bigger model. Further, it won’t run air apparatuses, if that is the thing that you are anticipating.

The Viair 90P is intended to work up to a more extreme level of 120 psi, and it can locate out 1.77 cubic feet of air in a moment. It just offers 15% obligation cycle at 100 PSI. That number is taking into account a 10-moment run period. A compressor with 15% duty cycle implies that it can run for 1.5 minutes. Afterward, it requires 8.5 minutes to calm down time before it can pump once more.

The Viair 88P has 45% obligation cycle, and the cost is additionally a bit lower than the 90P. The 88P is not outfitted with a convey sack. At last, your buying choice is dependent upon you. (Do check out our Viair 88P review)

It obliges a 12-volt DC force source to work. Not at all like many less expensive tire inflators out there, has it interfaced straightforwardly to the vehicle’s battery terminal. Double cross clamps with 30-amp wire holder are incorporated into this unit. Compressors that connect to cigarette lighters are infamous for blowing breakers. The most extreme amp draw of this unit is 23 Amps. Cigarette lighter fittings usually setup for just 15 Amps.

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How to Run the VIAIR 90P?

Astride on top of the component, there is an inline weight device that measures bulk tire readings up to 120 PSI. You should turn it off to peruse standing tire weight. This versatile tire inflator similarly consolidates an Automatic Reset Thermal Protector, which stops the engine in the event of overheating. It can naturally restart after the warm defender resets.

The compact compressor unit incorporates a double immediate battery brace, sand plate with vibration isolator, zippered convey pack with capacity compartments, the 3pc set of expansion tips and holder’s manual. It likewise incorporates a lever style air hurl with a bleeder valve catch to captivate lock. The configuration empowers without hands tire expansion.

A 12 feet force link and a 5 feet air hose with open finished air hurl are likewise included. Before you purchase this compressor, remember the limit. With 17 feet combined achieves, this may not be acceptable to reach each of the four corners of a more extended vehicle.

The Viair 90P has gotten a lot of amazing reviews from its clients at The 12-volt tire inflator presently has 4.3/5 star rating. It might be a little pricier contrasted with other compact inflators in the same class. Be that as it may, numerous holders are excited with the general execution and construct nature of this versatile tire expansion gadget.

Check this video for a clear view on what inside the box of VIAIR 90P compressor.

VIAIR 90P Review

The Viair 90P is not totally faultless as various reactions have been leveled at the item. A few clients, for example, wish it accompanied a more extended force line and air hose. Some negative criticism has additionally been voiced about the precision of the weight gage. It would likewise be pleasant if it had an AC power choice.

Regardless of such negative input, it has numerous attributes that have inspired the holders. Clearly, it doesn’t have a remarkable bunch of greater units. However, taking into account the customer comments, it does the occupation and does it well. It pumps air rapidly, and a lot of analysts have additionally been awed with the development of the little compressor. For example, a large portion of the parts is made of metal.

Numerous clients have additionally discovered the compressor to be calm given the execution that it conveys. The manual says it creates a sound level of just 67 decibels. The plastic feet on the base appears function admirably in engrossing vibrations.


The Viair 90P may not be the best item accessible for expanding tires. Be that as it may if you are searching for a capable tire inflator which is anything but difficult to move around and is little to be kept in the trunk, then in light of client surveys this Viair 90P is an excellent purchase. Do check out other VIAIR compressors here!

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