Viper 4105V 1-Way Remote Start System Review

There are different car remote systems that you can purchase for the sake of safety reasons, and there each have their nifty features. Some are known to be very high-end since it contains screens, while others are simple transmitters that have buttons just to provide its main purpose. One of the best features that were added to remote security systems are the starters as it provides an easier means to start up the car right away.

In order for you to get the product that’s perfect for the price and features, all you need is the Viper 4105V 1-Way Remote Start System. This product is one of Viper’s finest line of remote systems that you can use for vehicles, and it packs a lot of nifty features that you will find as an extremely convenient purchase – budget-wise and feature-wise.

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51xdIK0bXaL 2Easy to Bring and Use

The transmitters are extremely easy to bring around and use for your  convenient remote access. The transmitters are known to have three buttons which enable the lock/unlock feature of the system, and it also has a remote start – which is the main feature of the product. The transmitters are known to reach a 1500 ft distance from the car, and it will help you identify where is your car thanks to its car finder – which flashes five times once you activate the buttons on the transmitter.

More Security Features

The car can also be installed with a Panic mode thanks to the module of Viper 4105V. In this way, you will be able to provide more security features for your car since it will sound an alarm whenever it gets touched or attempted to be opened by someone else. There are also two auxiliary channels for additional functionality that you like to have for your vehicle – which can be requested with the help of a professional installer.

Viper 4105V Features and Specifications

  • Remote Start – This is the main features of the remote system’s transmitter. It helps you access the car’s startup if you need to operate it.
  • Remote Lock – The transmitter comes with this handy security feature for you to have an ease of means in locking or unlocking the vehicle.
  • Panic Mode – The system comes with a panic mode which helps you sound an alarm for your car during emergency situations involving the car’s security.
  • Auxiliary Channels – two AUX channels; where one is added per transmitter. This is meant for additional settings that you might prefer to have on your car’s remote system.
  • Two Transmitters – this is meant for safety purposes, and these transmitters are uniquely coded to prevent cloning.
  • Code-Hopping – This feature is meant to prevent cloning of the transmitters if ever one of your transmitters got stolen.

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Viper 4105V Reviews

There are over 160 reviews about this product – indicating that it has gained popularity ever since it was sold online. It’s reputation made it earn an 8.5 out of 10 in the ratings section of the product. Thanks to the very handy features that the product has, it has gained a very good reputation to a lot of customers in the long run.

A customer felt contented with the functionality that the product has. It helped them have an easier means to access the remote features of the module such as the startup and the lock/unlock system. It also made him feel easier when locking his car whenever he tends to forget it thanks to the wide radius of the product.

Another customer noticed that this is one of the best products that were ever sold in the market. It provided him a better way to make his car accessible in terms of a lot of features thanks to the AUX features that the car has. He visited the professional installer for help, and the customer was even told that he got one of the best remote systems for starters.

Things to Improve

If there is any problem with this model of the Viper Remote Start System, it’s the installation instructions. There is none as the product is provided to the customers. They said that this made the product gain a low rating on most of the reviews because it never helped them install it at all. Even the professional installers had a hard time researching about the product just to get it installed in the car of their clients.


To those who were able to install the Viper Remote Start System despite the lack of instructions, a lot of customers still felt convenient with the nifty features that it has provided them. It’s a very easy transmitter to use since the controls are simple, and you can even customize it thanks to the auxiliary system that it has for your needs. Rest assured that this is one of the handiest security features that you can ever have for your car!

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