Viper 5706V 2-Way Car Security Review

The Viper 5706V 2-Way Car Security is the car security technology that you should purchase if you want a complete security package for your vehicle. What it mainly offers is user-friendliness. Commanding the vehicle and monitoring it is easy with the prioritized buttons. You do not need to be tech-savvy in order to understand how these buttons functions and how the entire car security system is supposed to work.

The unit also features the Active Temp Check that allows you to keep an eye on the temperature inside the car before you enter. This allows you to save time and effort just to find out that the car is not warm or cool enough for your preference.

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51Z2BGf7AfjLA Must-Have for a Safer Vehicle

You will surely like what the Viper Car Security has for your needs. It contains a number of settings that you will definitely like to have for your car to be secured. It has a 4-Channel security system for your vehicles. This will give you an easier means in accessing the lock of your vehicle. It also comes with door and trunk triggers that can be operated remotely within the transmitter.

A Cool Looking Transmitter

The remote system comes with a five-button remote control transmitter – which is known to be one of the most high-end transmitters that you can use nowadays. It contains the unlock and luck buttons, along with a button for a remote startup for your vehicle. What made the transmitter look even more cooler is that it contains an LCD which helps you see more settings for your car’s security in a better way. The transmitter has a 1 mile range from the car.

Viper 5706V Specifications and Features

  • The Best Transmitter – what made this product preferable to a lot of customers is the transmitter that it has. It has an LCD on it, and contains five buttons which are all used for convenience in your vehicle.
  • Backup Transmitter – there is a “sidekick” transmitter which comes along with the main transmitter. It also has the five buttons but doesn’t have the LCD screen. It serves the same functionality as the original transmitter.
  • Vehicle Security system – one the settings of your remote system, you will see a 4-Channel system meant for your vehicle’s security. It’s one of the niftiest features that you can get, and is extremely convenient to use.
  • Door and Trunk Triggers – these two features will help you protect your car even more.

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Viper 5706V Reviews

There is a total of 250 reviews for this product, and it was able to get a rating of 9.5 out of 10 thanks to the convenient features that it has. One of the factors that made the product gain a better impact to the customers – compared to most products – is the LCD transmitter. The product, all-in-all, gained a lot of great reviews from the customers.

Some of the customers said that they love the product when it comes to the various settings that it was able to provide. It gave them an easier means in controlling their remote systems compared to the past products which is why they found this one as a very convenient product indeed. There are some customers who even pointed out the 1-mile range of the product as it helped them access their remote features during emergency situations as well.

One customer noted out that the remote start of the vehicle is a very useful feature indeed. He was able to recommend it to a friend, and it was able to make his friend use his car in a more efficient way than ever. The store that provided it also helped him greatly with the customer service.

Things to Improve

Despite the good reviews that it got, there were some flaws that the device had. One of those was the antenna feature which was found out to be a problem to some buyers. This is an issue that must be resolved quickly in order to avoid delays in using the product. If this sole problem is fixed, customers will feel more convenient with the service.


The Viper Car Security is guaranteed to be one of the handiest remote security systems that you can ever use. It has all that you need such as remote lock and start, along with a very useful transmitter that will guarantee you an easier means to access the system. What made the product even much better than ever is that it’s also capable of providing you a decent way to access all of its features under a mile radius from the vehicle.

This is one of the finest products that are a must-have and worth having in the long run for your car. Even professional car alarm installers recommend this! So check out other car alarm products by visiting this site.

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