Vividia 9mm Portable Digital Flexible Inspection Camera Review

The Vividia Portable Digital Flexible Inspection Camera will help you record or take photos of the place or area that you are trying to inspect. It has a slim tube so it is possible for you to place the camera into an unreachable or narrow place so that you will see what is in there or what is behind there.

There are things that we need to inspect, and some of them are unreachable; with this, we often tend to give up or do some alternative that could lead to us making mistakes. So, is there a way for us to inspect those areas without sacrificing the output of our work? Well there is, Vividia made a fantastic product that could help you with this dilemma.

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Waterproof Camera Head and Cable

Some places that we are trying to reach can be wet or moist, so if you use an inspection camera that is not waterproof, you are not just going to fail you are also going to break your inspection camera. Good thing, with this Vividia Portable Digital Flexible Inspection Camera, you would not need to worry about that because the cable and the camera itself are waterproof.

The Cable of the Camera is Flexible

The cable of the camera is flexible, which is a good thing because it can reach more places and it will not limit you on the path it can take. Imagine if the cable or the cord of the camera is stable or not flexible, the only place it can pass through is the one with a straight narrow path. Therefore, a flexible cable is a lot better than straight ones.

Vividia Inspection Camera Features

The two features mentioned above are almost enough for us to be amazed and satisfied with this product, but you should know that it can give you more and do better. Here are some more of the features and specifications you can get from the Vividia inspection camera:

  • It weighs 7.68 ounces. This is a rather light weight for this device, which is a good thing so that you will not need too much effort just to be able to inspect some areas that are hard to reach.
  • Its focal range is from 4cm to infinity. This means that the camera has an ability to capture a large frame or angle so it would be helpful for you.
  • If the cable is not enough for you, do not have to worry because you can have an extension added to this. This is a great idea because there are some places that are hard to reach, and you will need a longer cable. A good thing with this device is that you would not need to change the cable. All you have to do is to add a cable.
  • Vividia Portable Digital Flexible Inspection Camera has a warranty. It means that when the product you receive is defective or if it failed after a short period, you can have it replaced or fixed. Also, since there is a warranty, it can also say that Vividia trusts their product that much.
  • It is battery operated. Using a battery in this inspection camera is better than when it is not because you will have to plug it in and you are going to be limited in using it. Good thing that this device is not like that, so you can use it whenever you need it.

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Vividia Portable Digital Flexible Inspection Camera Reviews

It is important that we know what other customers are saying about this product so that we know whether or not they are worth the money. Out of many customers who rated this product from an online shop, this received an average of 8.6 out if ten stars. This is a high rating considering that many people rated it.

Things to Improve

Why is it that people did not give the product a perfect score? Some people say that the display of the screen is not that good, some also say that the quality if the images it took is not good enough. However, these are just minor things that you can hear about this inspection camera and it is not something that will stop you fulfilling your reasons for having this.


We have learned a lot of things about this Vividia Inspection Camera; it can give us a lot of help. Considering all the pros and cons and all the specifications and features of this product, we can still say that this one is worth out money’s worth. Therefore, it deserves the average of 8.6 stars out of 10 it gained.

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