Wagner 0518050 Furniture Sprayer Reviews

The painting could never get easier with a spray painter. Wagner Control Spray is the all new spray painter that could make your job easier. It is also more practical than using the conventional paint roller. With a lot of options in the market, you might find it hard to choose the best spray painter in the market. Wagner 0518050 is one of the cheapest that you could find, as well as one of the easiest to use. It is so portable that you could bring it anywhere you would like to. You would save much time with this spray paint.

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41T2BqmDv6cLHigh Volume and Low-Pressure Technology

This is one of its best features. This technology means that it has the capability to produce droplets of paint in higher volume that makes the end product very smooth and flawless. Wagner 0518050 makes use of air so it is both applicable for outdoor and indoor uses. The good thing about this spray paint is that it is very versatile. You can actually use its different applications.

Due to this advanced low-pressure technology, it is perfect to use even with varnishes and sealers. It would create a smooth finish because you are able to adjust it according to your desired coverage. If you would like to do the spray painting horizontally, you can do so. It would also work perfectly fine with different kinds and shapes of surfaces.

This is a highly sought after feature of spray paint. It allows you to do a wider scope of designs and tasks compared to some brands in the market that are not adjustable. You can choose as many spray patterns as you like as long as you do it correctly and carefully.

In terms of cleaning the Wagner Control Spray, it is very easy to do and would only take a few minutes, and you are ready to set off again. If you would like an all-around spray paint, Wagner 0518050 is the one that you should be looking for. You would surely love the versatility of this with such an affordable price.

Two-Phase Turbine for Better Functionality

Wagner Control Spray is very easy to handle, and yet so powerful. Thanks to its two-phase turbine. This kind of turbine has the capacity to work even with thick materials. It is able to produce a smooth finish regardless of the thickness of the material. The turbine works by varying the speed of the fan based on the material you are working on. If you would like to make the paint thicker, the fan would naturally rotate faster.

Another benefit of its outstanding power is its ability to work on hard-to-reach areas on surfaces. It can make smooth coverage to small areas and those surfaces with irregular shapes. This feature is hard to find in some leading brands. You can also control the flow for hard-to-reach spaces by using the button found at the side of the spray.

Wagner 0518050 Features

  • Easy turn on and turn off – the switch is very accessible because it found on the side of the spray paint.  You just need to press it and off you go.
  • High-volume low-pressure technology – this technology allows greater volume in the air for a smooth paint finish.
  • Superior two-phase turbine – added power and makes it possible to work on thicker materials. The different viscosity of the liquid is possible thru this feature.
  • Three pattern adjustments – this function allows edging in different surfaces.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning – This spray very easy to clean and maintain. You will not be stressed in cleaning because it would only take a couple of minutes to clean.
  • Easy to replace filters.
  • Available for indoor and outdoor use.

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Wagner 0518050 Reviews

Wagner 0518050 received a rating of 8 out of 10 from the customer reviews. Most of the users love the lightweight design of this spray paint. They like the simple design and operation of this product. One even noted that he is really amazed at its smooth finish on his varnished boards. Another highlight of this that most of the punters praised is the adjustable viscosity of the paint. It allows them to work on different surfaces.

Things to Improve

If there is one thing to improve with this product, it’s the adjustment of the viscosity. The maker should improve it by making it easier especially for starters. However, Wagner 0518050 is one of the simplest in spray paint in the market. It would be even better if everyone could use it with much ease.


Indeed, Wagner 0518050 is one of the spray painters that you should have on your list. With all the features and specifications, you would surely get the value of your money. If you are planning to own your first spray painter, you should definitely get this one first. If you want to check out other best spray painters, then you can find it here. It is also recommended for you to read the furniture paint sprayer reviews for more insights and feedbacks.

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