Walker 16370 Catalytic Converter Review

In the market, there are a number of catalytic converters that you can really depend on and it includes Walker 16370. This brand has been renowned in the market to create high-quality tools and machines. This cat con has been created with a direct-fit feature to cater to the needs of OBDII vehicles. Its design features a flange-to-flange design that you will surely love.

You will also appreciate its ability to give you a good driving experience because of the high technology washcoat integrated with the system of Walker 16370 cat con. Just like the other catalytic converters in the market, the body is made from stainless steel that offers maximum protection to the converter. What’s not to love with Walker 16370?

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Direct Fit Converter

Sine Walker 16370 is a direct fit converter so you really need to check if it will fit your system before buying it. It is also recommended that your car have a factory-fitted exhaust system. The converter can be bolted on your vehicle without the need for you to make adjustments in mounting the exhaust system. This catalytic converter is manufactured specifically for the features of a particular vehicle.

If you are very well-gauged in replacing your catalytic converter, then Walker 1630 is the perfect converter for you. It will surely make a great DIY task. You can actually do it with just using your personal tools. Of course, you won’t get to have the complete set of tools that the shops have, so this catalytic converter will be the perfect one for you.

To make it really appealing, this type of catalytic converter follows the compliance policies and standards so you don’t need to worry.

OEM Style Flanges and EPA Compliance

You’ll be happy to know that this catalytic converter meets the manufacturer’s specifications. The Environmental Protection Agency has been existent over the years to see to it that catalytic converter makers are following the Clean Air Act that pushes the catalyst technology to protect the environment of pollution.

The total emissions of the major pollutants are reduced in this converter. This contributes to less air pollution. Most of the vehicle owners are aiming to have this kind of catalytic converter because of its ability to release lesser pollutants in the air. If you are an environment-conscious car owner, then Walker 16370 is the best cat con to avail.

Walker 16370 Features and Specifications

  • OBDII or newer models – Direct fit converters are meant to cater the needs of OBDII or newer version of vehicles.
  • Flange-to-flange Design – The design of this catalytic converter is a direct fit for specific vehicles that follow the OEM style.
  • High Technology washcoat – This feature makes it possible for this catalytic converter to perform at its best. You are ensured of a great performance.
  • Stainless Steel Body – Just like other converters, the body of Walker 16370 is made from pure stainless steel to protect it from very high temperatures.
  • OE-style Flanges – This enhances the strength of the catalytic converter.

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Walker 16370 Reviews

This catalytic converter is made with less emission-causing pollutants so we will give it a rating of 7.,5 out of 10. If you would like a direct fit converter for your car or vehicle, then you should be searching for this cat con. It will be easier to bolt on your exhaust system because of its direct fit style.

Most of the users noted that it has been an exact match for most of their car models. One user even stated that it fits perfectly just like the old one in his Honda car. In fact, this is the main feature of this catalytic converter. The universal fit cat con will work for most of applications while these direct fit converters are made for specific models.

Other customers who availed this like its easy mounting system and how it bolts straight in to their exhaust system. Overall, Walker 16370 received positive feedbacks from most of its users.

Things to Improve

Some of the users noted that they would have given it a perfect rating if the bolts are already included in the kit. The bolts need to be purchased so it is better if the maker included it in the manual. Other minor issues include the gaskets that are not also included in the kit.


If your vehicle requires a perfect fit converter, then the Walker 16370 is the best one for you. You will definitely appreciate its environment-friendly features. You also don’t need to worry because the body is made from steel which can withstand extreme temperatures. If you are getting interested in this best direct fit catalytic converter, then you should check out its full specifications in this site. The reviews are also given for your guidance.

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