WARN 86255 VR10000 Winch Review

Warn Industries is one of the promoters of off-road equipment and tools that improves the services of 4-wheel-drive vehicles and other UVs. It is also inclined with utility winches primarily designed for professional workers and DIY consumers that need strong and powerful tools to help in pulling, hauling, dragging and lifting. WARN 86255 VR10000 Winch is one of the flagships of the said company.

Warn has a series of winches. One of which is the VR series. In fact, the VR series including VR10000 is an entry level winches produced by Warn Industries. Of course, it does not mean small in performance. Each of the winches has unique features that may differ from other series. It also has a patented synthetic rope along with fairlead. The planetary gear is known for its durability and reliability. On the other hand, the series-wound motor provides ample of power and speed.

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41jDGHcLQL 3Legendary Performance of WARN 86255

WARN 86255 is just fine if you are driving a mid-size truck or SUV. It has an exclusive brake design to enjoy the full winching control. The control pick is fully removable as well. Its performance is legendary. Tough terrains have been taken into consideration in the conception of WARN 86255.

The patented rope is very strong that produced exclusively by Warn’s industries. It has been formulated to help even in the hardest situations. Pulling a dumped or damaged car is smoothly done by WARN 86255. It can pull or lift any object with a maximum weight of 10,000 lbs.

Durability and Portability

The product’s portability is being envied by other competitors. One factor contributing to it is its small size. WARN 86255 proves to be that size doesn’t matter in working performance; it’s the quality of work that is done. The installation is very simple. It would just take you a minimum time of 8 minutes to install the equipment. It can be easily hidden within the vehicle’s compartment.

Since weather conditions have been considered as well, making the equipment be installed for a longer period of time is possible as well most especially if it’s being used from time to time. However, durability of a product or a tool depends mostly from the owner’s care.

WARN 86255 Features and Specifications

  • Durability. It can withstand tough terrains and severe weather conditions.
  • Smooth and Reliable. Compare to other winches; WARN 86255 has a three-stage planetary gear train. It is chosen by the Warn industries because of its power to pull, haul, and lift heavy objects with a maximum weight of 10,000 lbs. The said capacity is a legendary performance by a winching machine, and it is true concerning WARN 86255.
  • Low-profile Design. It is elegant and simple. But despite its humble design, it does what it promises. Because of the low-profile Design, it will fit best on most trucks and SUVs.
  • Warranty. Warn Industries is providing a lifetime warranty. Of course, standards must be met in order to avail warranty services. Abuse of the product will disqualify it from getting the full warranty.

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WARN 86255 Reviews

It has been noted by many consumers. The pricing of WARN 86255 is relatively low and is affordable by the common public. One user claimed that the product perfectly fit his vehicle. He had used it once and definitely worked.

One verified purchaser said that the winch had helped him and his friend from a tough terrain. Having this within his vehicle’s compartment really helped a lot. Some other have complaints, but he decided to try it for himself to be fair. He then recommends it to others as well most especially to car owners who lives in places which are slippery and the presence of tough roads and ravines are part of the neighborhood. We are giving this a rating of 9/10.

Things to Improve

The quality and service of the WARN 86255 is good. However, this review is intended to check aspects the product can more be improved. One user claimed about the lifespan of the utility. After 18 months of usage, it started to have some problems. This should be checked well by the quality personnel. All product before circulating to the market must have the same qualities.

One thing more to improve is about the response team of Warn Industries. When someone made a claim, it means that he is seeking for a solution and not an angry customer service personnel. They must learn to deal properly as regards to their clients.

Overall, when these things can be adjusted, the product seems to be perfectly fine. Of course, it needs to be improved from time to time. All products have flaws and that reality must be fully understood by clients as well. It is the responsibility of the company to show demonstrations to the public on how to properly use their products, proper maintenance and others more.


WARN 86255 is one of the items that tries to impress the public by its power. It has a long way to go. It is an entry-level product which means there are a lot of improvements coming ahead of it.

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