Watery Wisdom – Setting up a Stunning Home Pond

Watery Wisdom - Setting up a Stunning Home Pond

We all like to have a beautiful looking backyard that is both functional and attractive. Moreover, if you try to sell your home in the near future, it adds to the property value, and your house will sell for more. In addition to having a functional and attractive backyard, you may want to add a little charm with a home pond with pond pumps.

A home pond will showcase any type of backyard, especially if you add a water feature. A waterfall will allow the water to flow and circulate causing fewer algae and mosquitoes. You need to have water pump as well to keep the water of the pond clean, especially if you have small animals or fish in your pond.

Continue reading to learn what you must do in order to set up a beautiful pond in your home garden that you can be proud of.

Have A Plan

If you are looking to install a home pond in your backyard, you need to have it planned out. There are many things that go into planning for a pond before you are able to break ground. One vital aspect to look at is how the soil is where you are considering placing the pond. Is it stable enough to be supportive?

Make sure you locate a flat spot of land, as it is easier once you start digging to the depth you desire. Another important point is to know whether you will place fish in your pond. If you do, you will want the pond to be in partial or full sunlight for the sunshine to warm the water for the fish and other small animals.

Know The Dimensions

One of the most crucial points of installing a home pond is to know the dimensions you want for your pond compared to the amount of space you have in your backyard. It is also worth noting how deep you want the pond to be. This is important when you are considering adding plants and animals to the home pond.

There needs to be more depth when adding plants or animals so the fish have ample space to swim as well as somewhere to hibernate during the winter. Too shallow of a pond, and your living organisms will perish in the cold temperatures.

Be Edgy

Another critical point in setting up a home pond is to have an edge, literally! Not only do you want your pond to add drama and charm to your backyard, but you also want it to have stone edging to make it appear as though it has always been a part of your backyard aesthetics.

By using rocks and a stone wall, your pond will be beautiful and add charisma and trendiness to your home. It is great for resale value as well as the property amount increases due to the work you performed in putting in the home pond. Lastly, add some plants and flowers around the pond. It makes the pond look more natural as well as helps to cover up the liner underneath the pond water.

Add A Water Feature

A fun way to add charm to your home pond is to add a water feature. Not only does a waterfall add an aesthetic value to the backyard pond, but it also serves a vital purpose. Flowing water keeps algae from taking over. It also prevents mosquitoes and other water-borne insects from laying their eggs in your pond, as mosquitoes need standing water with no movement to hatch their young. Moving water also allows the water to be oxygenated. Water circulation is critical if you plan to place fish in the pond as fish need oxygenation to live in your backyard pond and thrive.

Maintenance Is Necessary

Once you have your pond in, do not just forget about it. You need to make sure you are caring for it properly, especially if you have fish or other small animals in the pond. Maintenance will be a must with a home pond, whether it is small or large. If you do have fish in your pond, they need to be fed daily. You also want to change or clean the pump filters on a regular basis. By doing maintenance each and every day on your new home pond, you will be saving yourself a lot of hassle in the near future.

What Should I Consider When Installing A Home Pond?

If you have decided to put in a backyard home pond, then you need to first and foremost have a plan in place. Once you have planned out your pond, measure for it to verify it will fit in your backyard; include the depth as well. Place an edge around the pond and install a water feature to keep the water flowing. Lastly, make sure you keep up on the maintenance of your new pond, and it will last many years to come!