WAYNE WAPC250 Water Removal Pool Cover Pump Review

The WAYNE WAPC250 Water Removal Pool Cover Pump is a pump that you can depend on for pumping out water from your pool, your septic tank, and your flooded basement. It comes with a 25-foot “Pull to Shore” rope that allows you to position the unit over the pool cover, a 25-foot power cord that you should always plug it a GFCI outlet, a check valve with a ¾-inch garden hose adapter that mitigates cycling repetitiveness, and a 1¼-inch drain hose.

What’s more, the WAYNE WAPC250Sump Pump automatically turns on and off to save you electricity or safeguard you from thermal overloads. The pool cover pump even has a maximum flow rate of 3,000 GPM or gallons per hour to boot. 

WAYNE WAPC250 Review

Automatic On and Off Switch

One of the main claims to fame of the WAYNE WAPC250 Pool Cover Pump is its automatic on/off switch. That’s one of the primary reasons why it’s so popular and has scored a 4.3 rating among 517+ user reviews on Amazon.com.

It’s all possible thanks to the sump pump’s cutting edge iSwitch Technology that has auto freeze protection whenever the temperature changes. This avoids possible pump damage when all is said and done.

What’s more, the WAYNE WAPC250 Water Removal Pool Cover Pump operates without the need of human presence, thus it’s a self-maintaining, self-running piece of equipment that you can leave behind and let run until all the water in your basement, pool, or septic tank has been sucked completely dry.

Pump It and Leave It

That’s one of the taglines of the WAYNE WAPC250 Pool Cover Pump. It’s a pump it and leave it kind of pool cover pump that can remove thousands of gallons of water per minute (hence why it’s not limited to basement flooding applications and can also be used to empty out pools when the drains are taking too long to finish the task).

The sophisticated machine is advanced enough to go about sensing the presence or absence of water before deciding whether it should turn itself on or not. If there’s water, it will pump it all away. If there isn’t, the device will turn itself off for you. You won’t have to turn it off yourself. You can leave it on and it will turn itself off on its own accord once it’s done with its job. 

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WAYNE WAPC250 Specifications 

Here are the specs of the WAYNE WAPC250 Sump Pump

  • Strainer Base Filters: These filters minimize clogging and keep the unit from tipping over.
  • Plug In and Leave Pump: This pump can be left unattended and it will still remove your water until it’s all gone. It’s also energy efficient, high flow, and operates oil-free.
  • iSwitch Technology: Thanks to this technology, the pump turns on and off depending on the presence of water. If the pool, tank, or basement is bone dry, it turns itself off.
  • Rope: The rope is 25 feet long to help position the pump over your pool cover. It’s like a rope you pull at to shore.
  • Check Valve: A ¾-inch garden hose adapter is included that reduces repetition when cycling.
  • Maximum Flow Rate: The 1¼-inch drain how has a maximum flow rate of 3,000 gallons.
  • Automatic Freeze Protection: Pump damage is further prevented by the iSwitch since it shuts the pump down when the temperature drops to freezing, which can damage your pump.

WAYNE WAPC250 Reviews

I absolutely adore this pump because, as advertised, it’s a pump you can leave behind and pump water out of your pool without much supervision from my part. It’s amazing how much technology has advanced, hasn’t it? You don’t have to waste electricity by forgetting to turn the pump off since it turns itself off. What’s more, the unit is also the energy efficient type plus it has all sorts of accessories like a pull to shore rope and a maximum flow rate of 3,000 gallons (that I myself have confirmed).

The WAYNE WAPC250 Sump Pump has received 517 reviews and has a 4.3 rating on Amazon.com. 


The WAYNE WAPC250 Water Removal Pool Cover Pump only has a 4.3 rating among 517 reviews because there are low-rating reviews from Amazonian reviewers who allege that the primary feature of the pump—the automatic on and off switch—is a bit flawed. As one customer explains it, the low flow switch turns off the flow too quickly before any flow has been established. For a feature that’s supposed to prevent cycling, there are several users who claim that the opposite instead happens and you’ll have to go through multiple cycles of on and off unnecessarily.

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Only a minority of people had problems with the vaunted iSwitch technology of the WAYNE WAPC250 Pool Cover Pump. While some might claim that the non-adjustable set point of the flow switch is too high, so that the electric motor turns on and off every second, many other customers beg to disagree and have not encountered the issue.

Most of the time and with the majority of users the pump works properly with good flow established from the garden hose (as designed by the manufacturers), so it might be faulty machines that are malfunctioning. It’s still the recommended choice for pool owners everywhere. Check out other sump pump reviews here!

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