WAYNE WAPC250 Pool Pump Review

The Wayne WAPC250 is famous for its automatic pool pump. It has the ability to turn on and off in a specific time. It is a very efficient water pool pump because it has the capacity to drain up to the maximum of 3,000 gallons per hour. Wayne is a widely renowned manufacturer of pool pumps. This device is one of their latest innovations in the field of water technology.

This pool pump has the ability to cut down the cost in your electricity bill because of its energy-efficient motor pump. The water circulates efficiently to prevent the formation of bacteria in the water. Another thing that you will like is its ability to filter debris and other particles. If you want a pool pump that is able to keep your pool clean, the Wayne WAPC250 is the right fit for you.

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iSwitch Technology


The iSwitch Technology is the main feature of this pool pump. It works by turning on the pump automatically when it senses the presence of water. This is indeed a very convenient pump because you can leave it unattended and it will do its job for you. It automatically turns on if there is a presence of water.

You will like the fact that this pump doesn’t need oil in order for it to work efficiently. It is also not prone to corrosion and rust because of the submersible thermoplastic construction. This is best used for businesses since minimal supervision is needed. This technology will allow you to do other tasks without being compromised.

If you would like to own a pool pump that has automatic functions, then you should go for the Wayne WAPC250. It will definitely deliver your desired results.

Debris Filter Function

The Wayne WAPC250 has the ability to filter large particles and other debris in the pool. You will be ensured that your pool will be clean and free from bothersome particles. Businesses would definitely benefit from this feature. As the pump works, the water is also being filtered at the same time.

The good thing about this product is that it has anti-clogging features. You don’t need to worry that the pump might get clogged. Actually, it is very easy to clean. The design of this pump is very simple. The parts are easy to clean from stuck debris.

It is advisable to keep the pool water clean for private use and for business use. If you have a business, it is recommended for you to avail the Wayne WAPC250 because your customers will surely appreciate clean water. This pump is very efficient in filtering debris that can make your pool look unclean.

The filter works in a closed loop mechanism. The water will be drawn from the pool and it will go straight to the pump. The water will be sent to the filter system, which is the strainer pot. This process is assigned in removing debris and other particles from the water. The last stage of this process passes the water to a heater system to set the desired water temperature.

Wayne WAPC250 Features

  • iSwitch Technology – automatic turning on and off of the pool pump. If it senses the presence of water, it will automatically turn on
  • Worry-free water removal – you can simply plug it in order to remove the water with minimal supervision
  • Filter system – strainer filter to remove debris and other unwanted particles from the pool water
  • Oil-free pump – will not contaminate the water
  • Energy-efficient pool pump
  • Anti-freeze feature – prevents damage to the water pump

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Wayne WAPC250 Reviews

The Wayne WAPC250 is highly endorsed by most of the customers. It has received a rating of 8 over 10 from the customer reviews. Most of the users like the iSwitch Technology. Most of them are business owners. They are satisfied with its performance and the fact that they can leave it unattended.

Another review mentioned that this pool pump has the ability to maintain the cleanliness of his pool. He doesn’t need to worry about floating debris because it will be filtered out by the strainer basket.

One customer noted that it has actually cut down his operational cost. When he changed his old pool pump with the Wayne WAPC250, his utility bills dropped extensively.

Things to Improve

The after sales service should be improved by providing prompt action to their customer’s concerns. Some of the users noted that the manufacturer’s return call took weeks. It is better if they will improve their customer service.


The Wayne WAPC250 is a pool pump that can automatically turn on and off when it senses the presence of water. If you are looking for a high-quality pool pump, this is the device that you should be looking for. The iSwitch technology is remarkable and it is the latest innovation of Wayne.

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