Welch Allyn 76600 Halogen Professional PenLite Review

A lot of medical and nursing students would buy cheap penlights that would easily break after a short time. This is the reason why a lot of people have decided to buy the Welch Allyn 76600 Halogen Professional Penlite. It’s a wonderful product that’s made of durable material, and it can last you for a long time, even when it’s used frequently.

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31N3LasoIyLIf you are working in the medical field, there are a few essential things that you always need to have in your pocket. First, you need a stethoscope. Second, you need a penlight. This little device is very useful most especially when you are performing a physical assessment.

You can use a penlight to check the inside of a patient’s mouth, ears and eyes. You need to use one that has perfect lighting so that you can make a proper assessment and diagnosis. This is the reason why you need to invest in a good quality penlight.

Bright White Halogen Light

If you are doing your patient assessment, it is essential that you use a device that can provide you with the best light possible so that you will be able to give the best diagnosis. It’s quite useful for those who are working in emergency conditions.

This is also very necessary for those who are doing eye examinations. The Welch Allyn 76600 has a bright white halogen light that can give you a quick and effective evaluation of the pupils because of its true tissue color rendition. You can also use it for examining the mouth and mucus membranes.

Solid Brass Construction

The Welch Allyn 76600 is made of durable solid brass construction that will allow for a more professional and sleek appearance. It won’t easily break out on you, and it also has a switch feature that won’t accidentally turn on, even when you’re moving about. Cheaper penlights tend to do this all the time and the battery often runs out. It’s definitely more convenient to have this kind of durable penlight.

Welch Allyn 76600 Features And Specifications

  • Bright White Halogen Light – For better tissue color rendition
  • Made From Solid Brass Construction – To Ensure durability
  • Weighs At 1.6 ounces
  • Battery Powered – It can fit 2 AAA Alkaline batteries
  • One Year Warranty

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Welch Allyn 76600 Reviews And Ratings

The Welch Allyn 76600 has received a lot of good feedback, and many of them came from medical professionals. One of the users loved the fact that it doesn’t turn on accidentally, which usually happens when you are working in a high-stress environment. It is also bright enough to elicit a pupil response from a patient. Another user also agreed on the color accuracy of the halogen light. This makes it easier to examine different parts of the body such as the mouth, ears, eyes and even wounds. It also has such a good quality metal casing that it really looks like a premium product.

The product got generally good feedback from individuals that have tried using it. Since a lot of people were satisfied with this product, we give this product a good 8.5/10.

Things To Improve

Even though the Welch Allyn 76600 may have received generally positive feedback, it also has its own share of shortcomings. One of the users commented about the switch function since it has a tendency to break off easily. Many users also agreed on this. The switch may be a concern, but as long as you don’t play with it too much (out of habit), it won’t break off easily.

Other people still loved the fact that the light makes it easier to make assessments. Its casing is quite durable that it can last for longer periods of time. You can also take advantage of its one year warranty in case you experience any malfunction on the product.


All in all, the Welch Allyn 76600 is quite a useful tool for individuals who are using it for medical purposes. Many people are very impressed with its halogen light because it produces light that creates true color rendition of tissues. If you want to give the correct assessment of your patients, this product can really help you. It won’t conk out easily as compared with cheap penlights. It can also last for a very long time.

You can also use this for other things as well. You can use this at night when you can’t find a flashlight. This penlight is very convenient and easy to keep in your pocket or bag. If you are looking for a really useful tool, then the Welch Allyn 76600 is the one for you. The price for this device is worth the investment. Try to imagine frequently buying cheap penlights vs buying one that lasts for a very long time. It is a great tool to use for those who are working in the medical field.

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