Wellgo R146 Bike Pedals Review

Wellgo R146 Pedals are another high-rated set of pedals that are considerably lightweight. The design of the pedals is emphasized by its double-sided mechanism and quick mud-shedding support. The platform pedals are designed for on-road biking without necessarily compromising the most suitable size for comfortable ride. If you prefer clipless riding, this is an ideal option.

Besides the given features, the product is known for its attractive design and durable materials. It is very easy to install even without the need for further mechanic support. You could use the pedals to cut down size and still obtain an upgrade for your comfy tour.

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41aeAhHBH2BLClipless Cycling Pedals

Wellgo R146 offers different advantages with the help of its main structure scheme. Primarily, the safety of the cyclists is further enforced by clipless cycling, given it is considered more protective than platform pedals and toe clips. Even in slippery or wet conditions, you could release your foot by twisting your heel from the side. You may also free your foot in cases of collision.

The clipless cycling pedals are very dissimilar to toe clips, which allow removal of your foot from the platform by reaching down and loosening the clips. This could cause peril and apparently inconvenient if you are not sitting in the saddle.

The efficiency of the system is surely guaranteed since you could put your foot at the correct and safest position. You could even utilize your hamstrings to raise your foot from the rear partial area of the pedals. Alternatively, your quadriceps would be used accordingly as well that could push through the front half of the stroke. This is difficult in toe clips and platform pedals.

Clipless pedals would provide increased power since your efficiency has been improved. When both of your legs are effectively used, you could ride more comfortably even for longer time without getting tired easily. Your accelerations would also be quicker since you will now have reduced wasted energy. Even climbing hills will be more manageable since you could distribute the job of pushing through between your hamstrings and quadriceps.

High-Quality Raw Materials

The body of the pedals is made of aluminum, which offers tons of advantages for bicycle purposes. The foremost benefit of the material is the weight. Aluminum has long been used in manufacturing for it is very lightweight. Steel, on the other hand, is thrice the weight of aluminum. Besides, when aluminum is utilized, it does not commonly require more changes in terms of design. Most mountain and race bike frames even use the material for it is affordable and naturally low in weight.

Aluminum pedals are also better options for these are not prone to rust, which entails low maintenance. Even while climbing or sprinting, you would get the stiffer feel of riding a bicycle, which other people mostly prefer. Recreational and racing cyclists would generally find this ideal.

Wellgo R146 Pedals Features and Specifications

Wellgo R146 has a cumulative weight of 390 grams. It is intended for road, city, and touring purposes but also applicable for mountain ride. It has a 9/16 inch pedal spindle, which is made of steel. The rest of the pedals is made of aluminum.

Given below are the top features of the product:

  • Lightweight yet Strong – You no longer have to worry about heavy-duty pedals since these could work similarly minus the strain.
  • Professional Looking   The structure of the pedals is designed with taste, applicable for any type of bike.
  • Small-Sized – The pedals are very small compared to its general counterparts, yet it works as intended.
  • Excellent Grip – No matter how harsh the weather condition is, Wellgo R146 will ensure your feet will retain its correct position on the platform.
  • Fixed Lean Angle Riding  The pedals are made to give you a more compact set of pedals that could support the soles of your feet even while increasing your speed.
  • Trusted Provider – The product is manufactured by one of the biggest and most trusted manufacturers of pedals worldwide, Wellgo.

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Wellgo R146 Pedals Reviews

The editor’s rating for the product is 7.6 out of 10.

The product received mostly positive feedbacks from its buyers. According to them, the pedals worked perfectly for them despite its unexpected small size. Besides, the pedals have a great grip, which provides more confidence to be always on the go. Since it is well made and promotes better performance, the product was recommended by most of its existing owners. It may not be as fancy as other pedals, but it works perfectly.

Things to Improve

According to most of its critical reviews, the size of the pedals should have been a bit bigger. Nonetheless, this only shows that the size of Wellgo R146 may be applicable to person according to his or her preference. There are others who loved it, while the rest did not.


Conclusively, Wellgo R146 Pedals is a must-try product. You may consider it a perfect upgrade for your bicycle touring minus extra costs.

However, if you want more options, you may check out other best road bike pedals reviews.

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