WEN 56206 Log Splitter Review

The WEN 56206 is an electronic log splitter that is a bit lighter compared with other log splitters in the market. Even though it is lighter in weight, it is still considered as durable like the others. You can really depend with this log splitter because the motor is also capable of performing really well. It makes use of a plug instead of using gas.

You can start operating it with just a press of a button. Aside from this, it also runs very quietly. You will not be bothered while working because it doesn’t produce the noisy sound just like in other devices.

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Faster Splitting Mechanism

This log splitter has the capability to cut woods faster than the ordinary. Its features are meant to let someone cut wood as fast as he could. The wedge is a really durable wedge that can cut the woods effectively and efficiently. It has the ability to split logs even though they are damp. This log splitter can handle logs that will not exceed up to 20 inches.

This feature allows this log splinter to be used for usual wood-clearing operation in the backyard. If you live near the woods, you can surely use this log splitter to maximize your resources. This is a perfect machine to have for personal use. Wood splitting will never be a problem with WEN 56206.

It may not be the most powerful log splitter in the market, but it can be the most reliable device for home users. The power of the motor is just enough to handle light to medium wood-clearing jobs. Aside from this, you can finish the task as early as possible through the fast-cutting mechanism.

Easy to Assemble

Even if you are not an expert woodworker, you can still maximize the use of this log splitter. WEN 56206 is the type of machine that will not burden you with complicated procedures in assembling it. It is very easy to assemble so you don’t need to ask assistance from any professional.

When you avail this log splitter, it comes with an instructional manual that will serve as your guide in assembling it. The components are easy to connect and attach with one another. Aside from this, the blade is also very easy to attach.

If you are not familiar with technicalities, then this log splitter will be the right fit for you. Whether you are a professional or just an enthusiast, this device will save you from frustration and uncertainties. You will really like how carefree you can be when handling this log splitter.

http://blog.drift.com/the-free-guide-to-using-driftAnother thing that you need to know is that log splitters are capable of getting rid of useless wood clutter in your backyard. You can do this within just a short period of time. Now, are you convinced to have one like this log splitter?

WEN 56206 Features and Specifications

  • Copper-wound motor – this is a 2 HP motor that can handle light to medium wood splinting tasks.
  • Electric log splitter – you don’t need to look for gas. As long as you have a plug, then you can operate this.
  • Log cradle – this is used as a guide for logging purposes. It keeps you on track of your activity.
  • Two-year warranty – this is WEN’s after sales service. The warranty period can provide you the relief when your machine suddenly breaks down.
  • Very compact – this is lighter compared with other log splitters in the market.

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WEN 56206 Reviews

Due to the convenience of this log splitter, we are going to award it with a rating of 6 out of 10. Many of the users noted that they are to finish their wood-splinting tasks with much ease and convenience. Another thing is that this log splitter is hailed for its compact design. It is also lighter compared with others in the market.

Most of the customers who have tried this noted that they are able to do their log-splitting tasks faster. Some of them used to do it for couple of hours. After using this, their hours in are lessened. For them, WEN 56206 is a life saver. They are very happy that they can do other tasks aside from wood clearing.

Things to Consider

You have to remember that this is not a heavy-duty log splitter. This is also the reason why it is lighter compared with other log splitters in the market. It won’t be able to handle heavy-duty tasks.


The WEN 56206 is another product from WEN which shows that even lighter equipment is capable of doing extraordinary tasks. This device will let you finish your wood-clearing activities in the backyard with much ease and within a short period of time. Indeed, this can be considered as the best fast-cutting log splitter in the market. Check out the reviews to know more about this wonderful device.

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