WEN 6530 Wood Planer Review

The WEN 6530 is the perfect choice if you want to avail your own wood planer for such a cheap price. This device is certainly one of the best in the market due to the many benefits that you could get from it. You will be amazed to know that it is capable of doing 34, 000 cuts per minute. Aside from this, the depth stops can offer you the freedom to control the depth of your cuts.

This wood planner has a special rabbeting guide that will ultimately help you in creating rabbets without any difficulty. All you need to do is to get used with it and you’ll surely get the hang of it. With its lightweight feature, you will also be able to carry it anywhere you want to go.

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Adjustable Depth Stop

With WEN 6530, you will have the benefit of adjusting the depth stop according to your need. To put it simply, this is used for controlling the depth of the cut. It is a very important feature for most delicate woodworking jobs. Detailed tasks also need to have an adjustable depth stop to come up with a precise finish. It will allow you to adjust how deep the cuts are to fit the requirement of the woodwork.

Not all units of wood planners have this feature that is why woodworkers who are using it for business prefer to have a machine that has the ability to adjust the depth of the cuts. It will certainly help them in producing quality woodworks that they proudly offer in the market.

This feature also allows you to set the desired thickness of the board. Different jobs require different thickness of boards. This is the reason why the adjustable depth stop of WEN 6530 is highly commended by most of its users.

Another thing, if you are going to produce planes to be integrated with other planes, it is important to have an exact measure of the cuts because the entire measurement of the planes depends on it. The adjustable depth stop is really something to consider about WEN 6530.

Extremely Powerful

The power and performance of this wood planner is undeniably extraordinary. WEN 6530 is packed with over 20,000 RPM of power that can work on thicker woods without any problem at all. Its performance will surely get you working on heavy loads. This is perfect when you have your own moldering business. You will be able to double your productivity with the power of this wood planner.

You will also be able to handle deeper and larger cuts with its three knife cutter head. The cutter head can rotate up to hundreds of RPM that can result into an unbelievable precision and accuracy of hardwood. It can result to 36,000 cuts per square inch. You get to have a decent and fine finish with this machine. If you need to work on longer woods, then you can definitely do it because the outfeed and infeed tables are longer than the ordinary.

WEN 6530 Features and Specifications

  • Dimension is at 12 X 7 X & – It is smaller compared to other units, but it is still powerful.
  • Lightweight – It only weighs 8lbs, which makes it transportable by hand carry from different places.
  • 6 Amp motor – The motor is powerful enough to deliver outstanding results.
  • 36,000 cuts – It has the capacity to generate 36,000 cuts in just one minute.
  • Rabetting Feature – This unit can do rabbets easily
  • Adjustable cutting depth – You can adjust the depth of the cuts through this feature.
  • Electric powered – This comes with a cord and needs electricity to run.

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WEN 6530 Reviews

We found the WEN 6530 electric wood planer to be capable of giving an outstanding job that is why we will award it with a rate of 7 out of 10. Many users praise it for its easy use. They are able to assemble the unit in just a couple of minutes. Users noted that they are able to use it to make plane surfaces.

Other users also commented that it has the capacity to give a smooth finish. The layering also turned out excellent because of the sharp and precise knives. Although it is small, it is still one of the bestsellers in the market.

Things to Improve

Despite being a remarkable product, some users have minor complains about their need to snipe on the wood before they could produce a smooth finish. Others also commented on the dust chute. It tends to be loose and go out of place. It is better if the maker will make the hinges perfectly fit with each other.


If you are interested in carpentry, then WEN 6530 is a must-have for you. You can have your own personal electric planer in such a good price like no other. It is reliable and very efficient in getting the job done. Check out more of this best electric planer in this site and get amazed by its notable features.

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